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Olivia Mule

Olivia Mule


Bachelor of Commerce, Entrepreneurship & Strategy, Ryerson University Certificate in Digital Media, Ontario College of Art & Design 


Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, Digital Communities, and Digital Production. Biography: 


I completed my undergraduate studies focusing on Entrepreneurship & Strategy. I have a particular interest in “Intraprenuership”, the process of practicing entrepreneurial skills and design thinking within a company space. I have put forth Design Thinking initiatives in the workplace to improve on a desired area or process. I am creative by nature, and 

gained a comprehensive understanding of Adobe Suite during the completion of the Digital Media Certificate at OCAD University. I have experience in event planning and brand creation as one of the co-founders of the Ryerson Entrepreneurship Association. 

Why Digital Media? 

In the age of digital media, I have interest and understanding of digital creators working on social media platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. I have a particular interest in the identities of online communities’ and their impacts on mental health.