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Rachel Au

Rachel Au


  • Bachelor of Architectural Science (B.ArchSc)


Architectural Design + Visualization, Storytelling, User Experience, Game Design, Immersive Environments, Themed Entertainment


Rachel Au studied architecture and worked in the industry for 5 years.Throughout her years of architecture school and work, she enjoyed the digital aspect of the industry the most—whether it was 3D modeling, rendering or creating interactive installations. She found the study of user experience and immersive environments to be the most rewarding part of design. This led to her passion for integrating digital media to explore the intersection between architecture, game design and storytelling to create meaningful spaces that are persuasive, memorable and captivating. 

Why Digital Media?

My pursuit in digital media allows me to further explore my curiosity in architecture, game design and storytelling through digital mediums. I believe that the element of storytelling holds power in both the architecture and game development industry, as it ultimately revolves around user experience and immersive environments. The future is digital, how can the architecture industry integrate emerging technologies into the design process?

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