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Tsz Lok (Jason) Mok

Tsz Lok (Jason) Mok


Bachelor of Fashion Marketing - Academy of Art University, San Francisco


Digital Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Graphic Design


Jason is a tech-savvy digital marketer who graduated from a top-tier university with experience developing and managing brands, various forms of digital marketing, and building relationships between the brand and their customer. Jason spent the past few years working and studying in Hong Kong, London, Oxford and now based in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Why MDM?

After Jason completed his bachelor in Fashion Marketing he was hired by a US firm working as a Digital Marketing Manager. Since then his work has pivoted entirely to the digital side of marketing. However, he found the knowledge from his bachelor is lacking as there was very little focus on the digital side, hence studying a masters in digital media is naturally the next step for him. Toronto is also one of the best English speaking cities for foreign students to get exposed to its diversity and culture. He is attracted to the environment where he will be surrounded by a variety of opinions and backgrounds and especially Ryerson is located at the heart of the Canadian urban culture.