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Help & Resources for Students

We are glad you stopped by. This section will direct you to mental health and related resources on campus. If you are in crisis, there is help available - click on the ‘In Crisis?’ menu option.

Student Wellbeing

Student Health and Wellbeing is a division in the Office of the Vice-Provost, Students that seeks to cultivate whole health and wellbeing within the Ryerson community. Using a student centered approach, grounded in equity and community inclusion, Student Health and Wellbeing strives for a cohesive, curious and collaborative approach to health and well-being experiences.

Discover Student Wellbeing's areas of support:

Academic Accommodation Support

Academic Accommodation Support (AAS) supports students with disabilities at Ryerson. AAS works with students to create and implement individualized academic accommodation plans so students can more fully participate in their studies.

Centre for Student Development and Counselling

Offering free, confidential counselling services in a professional and friendly environment.

Health Promotion

Promoting the health and wellbeing of students through a Health Promotion Programs Coordinator, peer health promoters, placement students, and volunteers

Medical Centre

Offering quality health services to current students, staff and faculty.  The medical team consists of family physicians, psychiatrists and medical trainees.

Equity Service Centres and Peer-Led Support

The two student unions, RSU, external link and CESAR, external link, are committed to building and fostering a community based on equity, inclusion and principles of social justice. Advocacy is integral to the work that they do. In this light, they have six equity service centres, external link which serve as a space for students from different marginalized backgrounds to come together and organize equity and social justice initiatives, events, and campaigns:  

The Equity Service Centres each have their own office on the second floor of the Ryerson Student Centre at 55 Gould St.

SMASH: Students for Mental Awareness, Support, & Health

SMASH is a mental health and wellbeing student group that is created by students for students. Their vision is to increase mental health awareness and support in a post-secondary environment through student peer-to-peer support. New faces are always welcome. You can learn more on their facebook, external link page as well.

Student Health Assistance and Resilience Program (SHARPP)

The Student Health Assistance and Resilience Program (SHARPP) is designed to help you develop lifelong skills for managing your health and well-being. We believe that healthy students are better learners, but learning to take control of your health may be overwhelming and difficult to do if you don’t know how. A SHARPP Ambassador will work with you to create a plan that will enable you to make healthy lifestyle changes, and assist in creating a wellness plan that is fun and achievable. 


#TakeCareRU is an RU Student Life initiative, encouraging conversations around health and wellbeing among and between students. Share your stories using #TakeCareRU and see what RU Student Life has produced around topics of anxiety, self-care, stress at exam time, wellness, community health, and more. The RU Student Life team is invested in helping you take care of yourself and your community.

Support for Substance Use

People use substances such as drugs and alcohol for many reasons. We might use substances to relax, have fun, cope with or escape a problem or dull emotional/physical pain. There are times when one might find that a dependence or reliance on substances has become problematic, interfering with one’s ability to enjoy life or function at one’s normal level.

If this happens to you, know there’s support available.

Centre for Student Development and Counselling (CSDC)

You can contact the CSDC to book an appointment to discuss support for this concern, and learn more about community resources for substance use support.

The Medical Centre

You can also contact the Medical Centre to book an appointment to discuss support for this concern, and learn more about community resources for substance use support.

Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy - Ryerson, external link

A group for student engagement, advocacy, harm reduction, and support with substance use.  Reachable over facebook messenger or at cssdp@ryerson.caToronto Public Health, external linkhas more than 50 harm reduction programs with resources across the city.

Talk to a SHARP peer ambassador

Health Promotions’ SHARP provides information and support to students with a peer-to-peer model. Learn more and find information about physical health and substance use.

More Campus Resources

Ryerson Recreation

, external link, opens in new window

Ryerson Athletics & Recreation is an inclusive and positive space that welcomes you to move, sweat, laugh, learn, relax and grow.  Membership, external link is included in tuition for full time students, and is also available at a discounted rate for staff, faculty, alumni and community members. Membership includes:

Women’s only hours, external link, available to everyone who identifies as a woman and/or trans person, are also offered across a range of programs and facilities as well as inclusive and accessible change spaces, external link.

Accessibility at Ryerson

Ryerson University is committed to accessibility in learning and employment spaces for students, employees and members of our community. The Ryerson Accessibility webpage contains information and resources about accessibility in the classroom, workplace and on campus.  

We’re committed to the principles of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), aiming to ensure that dignity, integration and equality of opportunity are embedded in all aspects of Ryerson’s culture.


Student Care Office

Student Care works with the Ryerson community to identify students in distress and help students who are dealing with challenging personal, academic and/or financial issues.  Student Care believes every student is entitled to learn and study in a respectful, civil and safe environment. And every student has the responsibility to uphold those rights.

Connect with Student Care for help with concerns such as:

  • Being concerned about a friend
  • Dealing with challenging personal, academic and/or financial issues
  • Needing help due to hospitalization or a medical leave
  • An accusation of non-academic misconduct
Students with coffee walk through the Quad on a sunny day.
Student Life

Student Life creates space for students to discover their talents, explore, acknowledge and express their identities, create meaningful friendships, and share their stories.

Included in Student Life is International Student Support (ISS), a space on campus working to foster a sense of belonging and community for all students who are new to Canada, as well as for those students seeking a global experience on campus. If you’re an international student seeking more information about mental health support available, you can connect with ISS.

Through the Tri-Mentoring Program and Student Life & Campus Engagement, receive and provide mentoring, develop your inner leader, and volunteer for campus events and initiatives.

Equity and Community Inclusion

The Office of the Vice President Equity and Community Inclusion and the units under this office provide services to support all Ryerson community members as we work together to create and foster an environment that is genuinely, intentionally inclusive.

The following units comprise ECI:

The OVPECI provides the following services: leadership and strategic planning, consultation services, workshops and events, assessments and monitoring, and human rights services.

Consent Comes First

Consent Comes First provides sexual violence supports and education to the Ryerson community. Support is provided to Ryerson community members affected by sexual violence, whether or not the violence happened on or off campus, before they came to Ryerson, or whether or not the person who caused harm is or is not a Ryerson community member.

Consent Comes First provides the following supports:

  • Academic considerations and workplace accommodations
  • Understanding the reporting options available
  • Navigating systems and resources within the university and the community
  • Safety planning
  • Referrals to counselling and medical services
  • Self-care resources
  • Education, training and awareness activities


The goal of the ThriveRU initiative in Student Affairs is to provide training and resources to students in order to teach the skills associated with resilience, well-being and thriving in both an academic and personal context. The program includes single and four-session workshops (see ThriveRU schedule on ConnectRU, opens in new window) and offers a free resource, The PDF file"Cultivate Your Happiness Weekly Workbook" designed to anticipate the challenges of each week of the term.

Thriving in Action is an 11-week holistic initiative to help struggling students (in their second year and beyond) thrive, academically and personally. Build motivation, optimism, and resilience, along with learning strategy essentials like time management and effective studying.