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Helping a Student

Tips for students helping students:


1. Educate yourself.

You can better support your friend when you understand what your friend is going through.

2. Be supportive.

Talk to your friend about your concerns and show your support in a non-judgmental way. Let your friend know that you support them, that they are not alone, that you are concerned and want to help. Avoid simplifying their problem.

3. Encourage your friend to seek help.

Help him or her to find treatment. Sometimes it’s hard to take the first step alone. Encourage your friend to see a healthcare professional or counsellorand offer to come to the appointment with them.

4. Communicate.

Communicate that getting help is not weak. Many people will deny that they need help because they believe that they should be able to cope on their own. This belief is false and harmful—true strength is admitting when you need help.

5. Bring back the fun.

Get your friend to re-engage in some of the fun things that they like to do. This could be anything from going for a movie, to taking a walk, or having a jam session. 


Get help now !