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Preceptor Events

The Ryerson Midwifery Education Program hosts a series of events for preceptors and teaching practice representatives throughout the academic year. Workshops and webinars related to clinical teaching are offered for beginning and experienced preceptors, either in person at Ryerson University or by web conference. Annual meetings are also held with Teaching Practice Coordinators from Ryerson University affiliated practices to update, consult and discuss issues related to the MEP clinical education program. Ryerson affiliated practices and midwives will receive information about upcoming events via email.

New Preceptor Workshop

A New Preceptor Workshop is offered each fall at Ryerson University for midwives interested in becoming preceptors. This workshop is mandatory for any midwife in a Ryerson affiliated teaching practice planning to be a new preceptor in an upcoming clinical course.

Preceptor Webinars

Preceptor webinars are offered several times a year by web conference using Adobe Connect, usually in the winter and spring terms. Webinars address topics relevant to clinical teaching and are suitable for preceptors at all levels. Speakers include MEP faculty, practicing midwives/preceptors, and midwifery researchers, as well as other care providers or researchers. Slides for recent preceptor webinars can be found under the Clinical Education Resources tab below.

Annual Teaching Practice Coordinator Meeting

The Ryerson MEP hosts an annual in person meeting with Teaching Practice Coordinators, midwife representatives from Ryerson affiliated teaching practices who coordinate clinical teaching and liaise with the MEP. This meeting provides a forum to review updates to MEP policies and procedures, consult about emerging issues related to clinical education in the MEP, and discuss issues of interest to preceptors and teaching practices.


Clinical Education Resources

The Midwifery Education Program and Ryerson University offer preceptors, students and tutors a variety of resources to support clinical learning and teaching. These include program policies and handbooks, slide presentations from preceptor webinars and professional conferences, clinical teaching tools and resources, and university services.

MEP Polices and Handbooks 

MEP Guide to Teaching, Learning and Assessment for Midwifery Preceptors and Student Midwives

Ryerson Policy and Information Handbook

Preceptor Policy Book

Guide to Planning Clinical Experience/Births

Guide to Student Professionalism

MEP Student Workload Policy Revisions

Guidelines for Variations to the Academic Study Day

Webinars and Presentations

Teaching the Normal Childbearing Student

Teaching the Senior Student

Understanding Discrimination and Harassment for Midwifery Preceptors

Improving Quality and Capacity in Midwifery Placements

Student-Preceptor Conflict Literature Review Summary

Preceptor Adobe Connect User Guide

Tools and Resources

Placement Orientation Checklist

Ask-Connect-Reflect Cards for Students and Preceptors

Seeing the Big Picture of Midwifery Care

Clinical Decision Making and Communication Algorithm

Building Care Plans Using A-SOAP-ER

Tips for Integrating Students into Client Care

Tips for Structuring an Effective Placement

Clinical Teaching Do’s and Don’ts for Preceptors and Teaching Practices

Placement Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution Pathways for Students and Preceptors

Tips to Foster an Inclusive and Accessible Learning Experience for Clinical Placement Students

Academic Accommodation Support can assist placement settings in identifying accommodation needs and facilitating necessary accommodations

Learning Primary Midwifery Care online modules