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Have a Professional Health Degree: How to Apply

If you have a health professional baccalaureate degree, such as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, from an accredited university or equivalent, as well as significant maternity care experience, then you may be considered for an accelerated stream of the Midwifery Education Program (MEP).

  • The Post-Baccalaureate Program for Health Professionals (PBHP) is typically only offered to a few suitable applicants each year.
  • During the review of your application to the 4-year MEP, you will be identified as holding a previous health professional degree.
  • If you are successful regarding the basic admissions requirements of the MEP and are selected for an interview, you will be formally informed of the PBHP.
  • If you are interested in the PBHP, you will be required to submit detailed information about your relevant past clinical and academic experience in maternity care, on the same day that you attend your interview.
  • Candidacy for the PBHP is conditional on both a successful overall application to the MEP, and relevant educational and work experience.  If you meet these criteria, you will be invited to a PHBP interview.
  • During a PBHP interview, your work history will be reviewed, as well as your readiness to transition into midwifery, and your aptitude to meet the demands of an intensive, condensed program.
  • Meeting criteria does not guarantee an offer of admission, since applicants can outnumber available spots.
  • The PBHP is completed over 6 consecutive semesters (no summer break between year 1 and 2).
  • Applicants offered admission to the PBHP can decide whether to accept it or a place within the 4-year MEP.
Before you apply

It’s important to be aware of the following:

  • The Midwifery Education Program (MEP) is very competitive and has a limited enrolment. Successful applicants usually have completed one or more years of university or have equivalent experience before applying.
  • Grades are only one of the components reviewed for entry into this rigorous and rewarding program.
  • You must be a Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident or Protected Person/Convention Refugee living in Canada or in the process of getting your residency status. This program is not available to international students.
  • February 1st is the deadline to submit all required application documents.
  • There are approximately 30 applicants accepted into the MEP program at each site every year.
  • Ryerson midwifery clinical placements and interprofessional placements are primarily within the GTA.

University Studies

If you have completed a degree or are currently enrolled in university, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 75% in each of the four mandatory high school courses:
    • Grade 12 U English (ENG4U preferred)
    • Biology (SBI4U)
    • Chemistry (SCH4U)
    • One Grade 12 U or M course in Canadian World Studies or the Social Sciences and the Humanities (i.e. history, sociology anthropology, psychology, family studies, geography, law.)
  • Or the equivalent level courses.
  • You must have an overall average of at least 75% in your university studies.
  • For applicants who do not meet the required overall average from university, we will consider either of the following:
    • Ten university courses -- regardless of the year of completion -- with grades of at least 75%; or
    • Two years of university with a minimum overall average of 75%.
    • Applicants who have completed less than two years of university studies or less than 10 courses, must have an overall average if at least 75%.

College Studies

If you have completed a diploma at a College of Applied Art and Technology (or equivalent) or if you are currently enrolled, you must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 75% in each of the four required high school subjects as described above; and
  • You must have achieved an overall B in your college courses.
How to apply

Step 1: Submit an online application form. Visit Applications and Related Forms for details on which form to use.

Step 2: Academic Transcripts

  • You must submit your high school academic transcripts no matter the year you last attended or the level of education you have completed.
  • Applicants who are upgrading prerequisite subject(s) must present final or midterm grades by the February 1 deadline.
  • You must submit post-secondary academic transcripts whether or not the program was successfully completed.
  • We will only accept officially certified transcripts, which can be requested from the OUAC or individual schools.
  • Transcripts must be sent directly to Ryerson from the issuing institution, or by you in a signed/sealed envelope that you received from OUAC, your current or former school.

Applicants who have taken courses or who are taking courses at Ryerson are not required to submit a transcript because your grades can be viewed electronically through our system.

  • If your current name is different than the one on your transcripts, then you must provide legal proof of your name change.
  • If you are currently studying at an institution other than Ryerson, you will need to submit your post-secondary transcripts at least twice:
    • Your midterm transcripts by February 1st.
    • Your final transcripts, showing your promotion or graduation status. Courses must be completed by June 30.
  • If your documents are in a language other than English, then you must provide a notarized literal English translation, along with the original certified transcripts.
Submitting supporting documents

Fall 2020 Supporting Documents:

MEP Supplementary Form with Self ID Survery

After you apply
  • You will be sent an email from Ryerson acknowledging the receipt of your completed application.
  • Ryerson will send you a temporary login so you can create a Choose>Ryerson account at
  • Ryerson uses the Choose>Ryerson portal as the primary method to communicate with applicants.

Application Status

  • You can track your application through the portal under 'My Application Status' and documents from Ryerson can be found in the 'My Documents' section.
  • It is your responsibility to track the status of your application for admission through the Choose>Ryerson portal.

Personal Interviews

  • Interviews are conducted in-person only at Ryerson. No other arrangements can be accommodated.
  • The format is organized as a series of short interviews held on one day, through which applicants are assessed.
  • Applicants are evaluated on a number of areas during the interview stage including:
    • Motivation to become a midwife
    • Qualities important in a midwife (empathy, responsibility, flexibility, open-mindedness, etc.)
    • Awareness of the reality and demands of being a midwifery student and a midwife in Ontario.
    • Key skillsets – strong communications skills, critical thinking, problem solving.

Approved Students 

  • After the interview stage is completed, offers of admissions will be made to approximately 30 successful candidates in early May. Candidates are notified through their Choose>Ryerson account, in addition to a hard copy acceptance sent by surface mail.
  • A select number of applicants who were not granted admission may be placed on a waiting list.
  • All waiting lists are automatically dissolved at the beginning of the school year (end of the first week of classes). So, if you have not heard from us by then, and are still interested in the MEP at Ryerson, please reapply for admission for the following year.