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Transfer Credits

Ryerson undergraduate students who have confirmed their Offer of Admission are eligible to apply for transfer credit.  Students who have completed previous post-secondary studies (at an accredited institution) may be eligible for transfer credit for electives or other non-clinical courses in Levels 1 and 2. Each application will be assessed on an individual basis. A meeting with the Program Manager is recommended prior to applying to transfer credits. An Offer of Admission does not guarantee that credits will be awarded. Generally, transfer credits will not reduce the time required to complete the program.Challenge credits are not offered in the Midwifery Education Program.

There is no fee for applying for transfer credits for newly approved undergraduate students. A $50 Transfer Credit Late Fee is charged after April 1 of your first year for each submission of a transfer credit application, appeal or documentation required for incomplete applications. 



Courses from accredited universities completed in the last 10 years are considered for Transfer Credit when successfully completed with a minimum grade of 60 percent (C-).

Courses from accredited post-secondary colleges and institutions of technology completed in the last 10 years may be considered for Transfer Credit when completed with a minimum grade of 70 percent (B-).

Courses submitted for transfer credit to meet elective requirements must be similar in content, breadth and depth to those listed in the calendar.

Transfer credits may be granted for the following courses:

Level One Courses:

  • Required Group 1 - Women's Studies Elective (2 credits)
  • Professionally Related Electives (1 credit)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (BLG 10A/B)

Level Two Courses:

  • Required Group 1 - Social Science Courses (2 credits)