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Academic Variations and Academic Standing

A.      In order to maintain CLEAR Academic Standing, students in the MEP must meet Ryerson’s criteria on Academic Standing and Academic Standing Variations for Midwifery, published online in the Ryerson Calendar.


A.1 maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 2.33 (C+),


A.2 meet the minimum course grade requirements in all courses including:

MWF 150  Introduction to Midwifery                     B-

BLG 101 and BLG 111  Anatomy & Physiology    C-

MWF 250  Midwifery: Clinical Skills                      B-

MWF 344  Advanced Clinical Skills I                     B-

MWF 345  Advanced Clinical Skills II                    B-


A.3 obtain a minimum course grade of C- in all but one of the following courses:

MWF 11A/B  Social Justice in Midwifery

MWF 108  Aboriginal Childbearing

MWF 109  Critical Appraisal of Research Literature

MWF 113  Life Sciences for Midwifery

MWF 114  Pharmacotherapy

MWF 201  Reproductive Physiology

MWF 155  Social Justice in Midwifery

A grade of less than C- in BLG 10A/B or one failed grade in any course listed above or in any MWF required course will result in probationary standing.

A.4 All Midwifery clinical placement courses must be completed within four years of completing the first clinical course, more than four years may elapse between completion of MWF 120 and completion of MWF 410 or MWF 41A/B.


B. Students will be placed on PROBATIONARY Academic Standing for any of the following reasons:

a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of less than 2.33 (C+) ; OR

one failed grade in any required course; OR

a grade of less than B- in MWF 150, MWF 250, MWF 344, or MWF 345; OR

a grade of less than C- in BLG 10A/B; OR

 a grade of less than C- in two or more Midwifery foundation courses (MWF 11A/B, MWF 109, MWF 113, MWF 114, MWF 201, MWF 155)


B.1 Students on PROBATION must:

sign a Probationary Contract authorized by the MEP which sets out the specific courses and any other requirements that must be successfully completed; AND

meet the minimum course grade requirement for the course being repeated AND maintain a Term Grade Point Average (TGPA) of 2.33 (C+) for the duration of the PROBATIONARY period; AND

obtain no failed grades ('F', 'F-S' or INC) during each term of their PROBATIONARY program, even when their Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) has not been raised to 2.33 (C+); AND

obtain written approval from the MEP of any changes to the Probationary Contract

B.2 Students should note that it may take more than one term to raise their CGPA to 2.33 (C+).  It may be necessary to repeat and upgrade courses as part of the PROBATIONARY program of study in order to achieve a CLEAR Standing.  Students are required to return to CLEAR Standing within a maximum of three academic terms.


B.3 Failure to meet the terms of their PROBATIONARY contract will result in the assignment of a PERMANENTLY WITHDRAWN Standing from the MEP.


B.4 Students require CLEAR Academic Standing in order to enroll in the first Midwifery clinical placement course, MWF 120.


C. Students will be PERMANENTLY WITHDRAWN from the MEP under the following circumstances:

a failed grade in two non-clinical courses in an academic term; OR

a failed grade in any two clinical courses; OR

a second failed grade in the same course; OR

failure to achieve the minimum required grade in the same course for a second time; OR

 a Term Grade Point Average (TGPA) less than 2.33 (C+) while on PROBATION; OR

a grade of F, F-S, or INC while on PROBATION


D. The MEP reserves the right to determine a student's eligibility to participate in the clinical component of any course.


D.1 The MEP reserves the right, at any point during the term, to remove a student from a clinical placement or laboratory setting if the student exhibits unsafe clinical practice or behaviour that places clients or others at risk and/or violates the Midwifery Act of Ontario. Such removal will result in the student receiving an 'F' grade and may result in dismissal from the program. In this circumstance, the student shall have established rights of appeal; however, she/he cannot remain in the course while the appeal is underway. The appeal will be conducted promptly in order to protect the student's rights.


D.2 The student may be PERMANENTLY WITHDRAWN from the MEP for reasons of unprofessional behaviour or professional misconduct.