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Course Name Course Code
Aboriginal Childbearing MWF 108
Advanced Clinical Skills I MWF 344
Advanced Clinical Skills II MWF 345
Anatomy & Physiology BLG 10A/B
Anatomy & Physiology BLG 10A/B
Birth and Its Meanings  MWF 325
Clerkship MWF 410
Critical Appraisal of Research Literature MWF 109
Interprofessional Midwifery Care MWF 305
Interprofessional Placements I MWF 220
Interprofessional Placements II MWF 350
Life Sciences MWF 113
Midwifery Issues MWF 315
Midwifery: Clinical Skills MWF 250
Midwifery: Complications & Consultation MWF 320
Midwifery: Maternal & Newborn Pathology MWF 420
Midwifery: Normal Childbearing MWF 120
Introduction to Midwifery MWF 150
Pharmacotherapy MWF 114
Reproductive Physiology MWF 201
Social Justice in Midwifery MWF 11A/B
Social Justice in Midwifery  MWF 155