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Association of Ryerson Midwifery Students (ARMS)

Students busy in practical learning

ARMS was founded in 1997 as a collective of support, advocacy and action for the Ryerson MEP students. ARMS has monthly meetings as well as an annual general meeting. To date, ARMS has, among other things, provided student representatives for program committees (Management, Curriculum, Admissions committees and the Advisory Council), initiated a mentorship program for incoming students, hosted welcoming BBQs, published issues of the student newsletter - warm fuzz, participated in the review of the social science courses, and hosted other social and educational activities. ARMS has advocated on behalf of students’ issues, and has worked to implement changes in the Ryerson MEP based on students’ needs and concerns. The MEP BIPOC Student Collective leaders have been committee members of ARMS since 2016 and facilitate some of their activities out of the ARMS annual budget. They work closely with the MEP Director and MEP Mentorship Team to support and advocate for BIPOC students.

ARMS receives annual funding from the RSU, the Ryerson Students Union, and the FCS Dean’s office.

The monthly meetings provide us with a forum for discussing issues which have included the Midwifery Language Proficiency Test that the College of Midwives of Ontario instituted in 1999, equity issues, classroom and placement challenges, and other student concerns.

Meetings between ARMS and faculty provide an opportunity for free discussion of a variety of topics.

Some of our ongoing objectives are:

  • To improve the student experience in the MEP
  • To ensure that the student environment is free from discrimination, including discrimination based on age, ethnicity, gender, ability, national origin or citizenship, religion and sexual orientation.
  • To encourage a collaborative relationship between students, not limited to midwifery students or Ryerson students, to develop a stronger community
  • To remind students in the MEP that there is more than academia in the midwifery lifestyle
Committee Members

Executive Committee members have a year long role within ARMS. Any member of ARMS can become part of the executive committee, and partake in tasks such as responding to emails, event planning, meetings, budgeting, etc.

Take Action

All Ryerson MEP students are welcome to take part in ARMS. Contribution is based on your interest and what your schedule can accommodate. We encourage all students to get involved!

Contact ARMS

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