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Committee Members

Teachers evaluating student assignments

Contact your student union leadership or your committee rep to communicate your desires to the MEP.

ARMS Leadership Team

Role Student


Caitlyn Baker -


Elise Harrison -


Kainat Fakhar -

BIPOC Collective

Jahiem Henry, Trudy Penny, Kelani Burke


Room Booking/General Exec Support

Krista -

Student MEP Committee Service Roles  

Student Service Work
 Preclinical (1st year students)  
 Clinical (2-4th year students
Management Committee  
  Maha Maryam 
Program Advisory Council 
Jennifer Switzer  
Curriculum Alex MacDonald 
Crystal Mocan
  Stephanie Babinski   Mackenzie Churchill 
    Elise Harrison 
Admissions Committee  
Stephanie Babinski  
School Council
Joanna Eaton  Evelyne Russell
  Jahiem Henry Krista Mills
  Narece Bekker