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Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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Meet a few of our students & profs

Aileen Lim

Aileen Lim, Ryerson Graduate and current MASc student

I got my BEng in Industrial Engineering at Ryerson in 2008. The program offered an excellent atmosphere for me to develop as an engineer, and by the end I had such achievements under my belt as Dean's List recipient, 2nd Place at the IIE 2008 Student Conference National Design Competition, an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award, and the Aileen Clarke Lambie Women in Engineering Awards. In addition to all this, I developed practical skills from work experience at companies including as Celestica, Clean Harbors, Pratt & Whitney, and Hispano-Suiza Canada.

I am now part of the MASc program at Ryerson, where I am pursuing my research interest in Industrial Engineering and Human Factors. My advisor provides extensiv2e industry experience and connections, and this has led to my placement on a project with Research in Motion (RIM). What I appreciate most about the program are the knowledgeable professors and flexible structure, which enable students to tailor their studies to their research interests. Ryerson has allowed me to develop critical skills that can be applied to state-of-the-art research as well as hands-on work in progressive industry organizations.

Vernon Kee, Ryerson Graduate in MIE

Vernon KeeThe Mechanical Engineering Undergrad Program at Ryerson is well equipped to give a firm foundation to one's engineering career.  They deliver a thorough curriculum of engineering knowledge; but unlike other schools, the small class sizes and easier access to professors result in more opportunities for higher level research and career development.  Students have opportunities to really apply themselves through participation in provincial and national contests, and taking part in unique research opportunities. 

The chance to apply their knowledge in real life situations is what helps shape the unique education offered by Ryerson MIE.  The internship year provides students with that extra edge in gaining work experience before graduation. Coupled with a strong culminating thesis, this provides employers with what they're looking for in today's competitive engineering workplace.  Ryerson provides the right tools and opportunities for students with ambition and motivation to be successful in their engineering career.

Cory Searcy, Prof

The main reason I came to Ryerson was its growing emphasis on interdisciplinary teaching and research. This is an excellent fit with my own teaching and research interests, which centre on corporate sustainable development. Beyond the emphasis on interdisciplinary work, there are many things that attracted me to the Industrial Engineering Program. First, the class sizes are relatively small, which gives me the chance to actually get to know most of the students. Second, I like the emphasis on delivering an education that is focused on practical application: something I know makes our graduates more effective once they get into the workplace. Third, I like the fact that the campus is centrally located in one of the world's most diverse cities. Overall, Ryerson is a great place to work.

Professor Habiba Bougherara

Habiba Bougherara, Prof

I got interested in Biomedical Engineering when I was hired as a postdoctoral fellow at NRC Industrial Materials Institute, where we developed a new generation of biomimetic hip implants. The diverse make-up of my team - which included biologists, physicists, mechanical and material engineers, and surgeons - allowed us to tackle all the scientific aspects of orthopedics. I found that my research interests fit extremely well with this multi-disciplinary approach.

I joined Ryerson MIE in August 2007, and Ryerson definitely feels like home now. My department provides a stimulating environment for my research and gives me the opportunity to realize my professional and intellectual goals.