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Ryerson clock tower Engineering building Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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Alphabetical Directory of MIE Faculty and Staff


Name Phone Office Email Address
Joseph Amankrah x7214 KHE-36
Saman Hassanzadeh Amin x3627 EPH-412
Francine Belnavis x2705  EPH-300
Ayse Bener x3155 EPH-414
Habiba Bougherara x7092 EPH-312C
Jun Cao x7694 EPH-316
Mucahit Cevik x3752 EPH-320
Vincent Chan x6612 EPH-326
Daolun Chen x6487 EPH-340B
Chris Chu
Roy Churaman x6408 KHE-22
Shirley Dacanay x2129 EPH-300
Seth Dworkin
x7311 EPH-324
Liping Fang x6410 EPH-325
Jacob Friedman x7737 EPH-306B
Alan Fung x4917 EPH-340
Ahmad Ghasempoor x6422 EPH-325
Grace He x7756 KHE-137B
Siyuan He x6425 EPH-312B
Andrew Heim x6419 KHE-36
Lisa Holling
x6411 EPH-300
M.W. Mohamad Ismail x552670 EPH-303
Mohamad Jaber x7623 EPH-334A
Wey Leong x7706 EPH-306A
Qiang Li x4991 KHE-32
D.C. (Bill) Lin x7489 EPH-317
Hua Lu x6427 EPH-334B
Chao Ma x2690 KHE-137B
Alan Machin x6430 KHE-25
Jessica Miniaci x7330 EPH-300D
David Naylor x6428 EPH-411
W. P. Neumann x7738 EPH-338C
Donatus Oguamanam x7490 EPH-302
Devin Ostrom x7221 EPH-335C
Marcello Papini x7655 EPH-327
C. Ravi Ravindran x6423 EPH-332D
Lynn Reynolds x4159 EPH-300
Ziad Saghir x6418 EPH-322
Filippo A. Salustri x557749 EPH-301
Cory Searcy x2095 YDI-1115
Lauren Sena  x3555 EPH-300
Farrokh Sharifi x7097 EPH-318
M.F. (Frankie) Stewart x6416 EPH-332B
Sharareh Taghipour x7693 EPH-338A
Malleswara Talla x6401 EPH-334C
K. (Donald) Tham x7209 EPH-332C
Mark Towler   x4518 EPH-319
Scott Tsai x6424 EPH-338B
Ahmad Varvani-Farahani x7707 EPH-306C
Krishnan Venkatakrishnan x4984 EPH-312A
Shudong Yu x7687 EPH-321
Kourosh Zareinia x7688 EPH-305
Saeed Zolfaghari x5101 YDI-1661