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Ayse Berner

Ayse Basar Bener, PhD






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Dr. Ayse Basar Bener is a Professor in the department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of Ryerson University. Her research focuses on mathematical understanding of fundamental issues in Information Systems, and to use this understanding to produce better algorithms, protocols, and systems through the interaction of people, technology, and industries. She is motivated in seeking solutions to the problem of  “decision making under uncertainty”. Decision making under uncertainty has long been a research topic in Information Systems and has implications in other research domains such as business, science, engineering and medicine. In tackling this problem she uses methodologies of Artificial Intelligence (machine learning algorithms), cognitive science (measurement of cognitive biases), discrete mathematics (graph theory and game theory), and their applications in software engineering (software measurement and quality, green software), cognitive radio networks (charging models) as well as bioinformatics (disease/ treatment outcome prediction) to conduct empirical research using big datasets. For more information and publications please visit:

Professional Affiliations:

Member, IEEE Computer Society

Member, IEEE Biomedical Engineering Society

Member, Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)

Member, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)

Member, Association of Information Systems (AIS)