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Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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Undergraduate Program

Mechanical Engineering

Are you intrigued by motors? Curious about robots? Interested in energy conservation or acoustics? Mechanical engineers are people who deal with the design, development, operation, and maintenance of machinery for a wide range of uses. They work in all areas of manufacturing, mechanics and consulting.

Mechanical Engineers study mechanical design, energy conversion, acoustics, manufacturing, robotics, and the way technology impacts the people using it. They use this knowledge to work in design, production plant engineering, research and development, testing, management and technical sales.

They may design space vehicles, jet engines, computer, power plants, robots, cars, textiles or heating and air conditioning systems. They may maintain or test products or they may work as researchers, business people, or managers.

Accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board, the Mechanical Engineering program at Ryerson University gives you the strong grounding you need for the best career choices. Moreover, our Bachelor of Engineering program helps make you immediately employable when you graduate.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineers design, develop, improve and implement integrated systems of materials, information, equipment, people, and energy. Their work improves productivity, efficiency, quality, service, and safety.

Industrial engineering is an integration of engineering and management. It includes developing and improving products or services, processes, facilities, information systems, work methods, and performance standards, human resources planning, production planning and control, financial and cost systems and distribution.

You'll find industrial engineers in most manufacturing and service industries, including financial services, health care, transportation, and distribution, as well as in government organizations. They are production planners and supervisors, operations researchers, product developers, systems designers, plant managers and performance-management experts.

Accredited by the Canadian Engineering Board, Industrial Engineering emphasizes applications and tackles real-life engineering problems. Ryerson University is one of only six universities in Canada offering a degree in Industrial Engineering. Our Bachelor of Engineering graduates are in high demand due to our emphasis on laboratory activity and real-world projects and bring classroom theory into practice.

Graduates are eligible - once they have completed a work requirement - for Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) status. They find employment opportunities in just about every industry and sector in positions related to planning, production, operations, research, product development, plant management, logistics procedures planning, motion study, ergonomics, and performance measurement and standards.