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Ryerson clock tower Engineering building Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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Undergraduate Awards and Bursaries

The following awards include those that are posted on the Scholarships & Awards website. Students are encouraged to visit the Scholarships & Awards website and the Faculty Wide Awards page, under the Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science heading, for a complete list of awards available to Mechanical and Industrial Engineering students.

The deadline for all awards that require an application is:

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 by 4:00 pm.


Applications must be submitted in hardcopy to the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering in EPH300.

When applying for awards that require a budget sheet please use the Student Financial Assistance My Budget form

Please note that all awards applications must include a signed copy of the Privacy Consent Form for Student Awards.


Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Awards



Industrial Engineering Awards


Mechanical Engineering Awards