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Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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First Year: The objective of the first year transition program is to provide students, who may need more time to adapt to the demanding university curriculum, with an immediate opportunity to upgrade their Academic Standing. In the second semester, Phase I of the transition program offers all first semester core courses (with the exception of CEN100, which only runs in the Fall term): CHY 102MTH 140MTH 141, and PCS 211 in parallel with the second semester regular program courses. Students who have failed and/or are missing any one of these courses at the end of the first semester are required to upgrade their Academic Standing through enrolling in the transition program. During the condensed Spring semester (May-July) Phase II of the transition program offers all second semester core courses: CPS 125MEC 222MTH 240MTL 200, and PCS 125. These courses represent a repeat of the second semester regular program courses that were not taken by students enrolled in Phase I of the transition program. These courses will be offered subject to adequate enrolment.

Attention: Students are also given the opportunity to complete the following courses through The Chang School of Continuing Education during both the Spring and Summer terms: CECN 801, CCMN 432, and appropriate lower- and upper-level liberal studies courses. Only these Chang School courses will be counted towards the student's full-time Engineering degree program.

Second Year: The second year transition program is intended to help students who have failed or dropped the second year Fall courses MTH 425MEC 323, and/or the second year Winter course MEC 311, to stay in-phase with their classmates and still have a chance to be promoted the third year in the following academic year. This is accomplished by allowing such students to enrol in MTH 425MEC 323, and/or MEC 311 in the condensed Spring/Summer semester (May-July).