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Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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Industrial Engineering RFID Lab

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) lab is focused on introducing and integrating RFID technology into various Industrial Engineering theories and methodologies taught in undergraduate courses. RFID technology has many applications within the industry including; inventory control, work-in-progress (WIP) tracking and asset tracking. The lab introduces students to RFID technology and its various applications in current industries such as automotive, manufacturing and supply chain.


The ability to build different applications using RFID technology allows for a versatile environment to perform a wide range of experiments. The lab is currently equipped with four RFID antennas, two different conveyor belts and a computer to provide an excellent learning environment for students to gain hands-on experience on various Industrial Engineering concepts, theories and methodologies.


This lab provides students with an area to experience the theory being taught in the classroom and apply it to different scenarios that can be simulated in the lab. Students are able to perform a variety of experiments such as work measurement, line balancing, facilities design, reliability analysis, risk assessment, life testing, ergonomic analysis, manufacturing simulations, product line design, inventory management, quality testing and supply chain simulations using RFID technology.