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Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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CNC Machining Lab


The Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machining lab is outfitted with 6 student CNC machines.  Utilizing Sherline Model 2000 8-Direction vertical mills, each is retrofitted with servo motors on the X,Y & Z axis. Control is provided via a link to a dual boot PC running EMC-II under Linux.  This provides real time control of the CNC machine. In the lab, students are taught how to set up the machine and tooling, and to define the part zero.  G-code provides the tool path information which directs the CNC machine on how to cut out the designed part, is generated using industry standard MasterCAM software.  Students in the mechanical and industrial engineering programs have access to MasterCAM in the mechanical engineering computer lab, KHE139.  Students can design their parts to be CNC machined using a variety of CAD software, including Solidworks and AutoCAD.