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A musical approach to wellness

New media graduate Aaron Labbé is determined to change the way we approach the treatment of mental health.

Inspired by the lack of non-invasive therapy options, Aaron, for his fourth-year thesis project, created LUCID, external link, an immersive sensory experience meant to help users reach a therapeutic state. The project aims to help people cope with anxiety and depression, as well as improve overall mental health. Aaron hopes his creation will provide people with an easy and accessible way to achieve and sustain mental wellness.

LUCID’s geodesic dome reflects soothing coloured lights as the user listens to calming music while their brain waves are recorded by an electrode-embedded headband. Depending on the brain waves measured, the music and lights change in order to induce a restorative state of relaxation.

Through collaboration with students in programs such as biomedical engineering, Aaron learned about artificial intelligence and neurology, broadening his skillset and gaining a more informed perspective. LUCID is now housed in Ryerson’s Transmedia Zone, external link – an incubator for innovation in media, storytelling and creative industries – where Aaron’s team is preparing the technology for group sessions, as well as personal use.

At Ryerson, with the help of our experienced faculty, and a commitment to university-wide collaboration, students are able to get closer to providing interdisciplinary solutions for profound social change.

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