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DNA model meets world record

A team of Ryerson Faculty of Science students work on a DNA model at national Science Rendezvous festival

DNA may be microscopic, but a team of Ryerson Faculty of Science students decided to make it massive, building a DNA model measuring 43.5 metres in length (142 ft, 8.4 in) and breaking a Guinness World Record, external link.

The team, working in collaboration with architectural science students and not-for-profit research organization Ontario Genomics, external link, designed the DNA model as a hands-on learning experience. The students fabricated the DNA building blocks and backbone using cutting-edge digital technology in the Design Fabrication Zone, one of 10 zones at Ryerson that offer students the opportunity to work on real-world projects.

At Ryerson, students can collaborate in one of our interdisciplinary zones, bringing their ideas to life as projects that engage communities, shift perspectives, and yes, even break records.

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