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Mentor support meets graduate student success

Vanier Graduate Scholar and Medical Physics researcher, Eno Hysi

Doctoral candidate Eno Hysi, recipient of the prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship in 2015, credits the exceptional support from Ryerson’s Faculty of Science and the mentorship he has received from his supervising professor as the driving forces behind his success.

After completing his BSc at Ryerson’s Medical Physics program, Eno decided to continue his graduate studies at the university, not only because of his interest in biomedical physics, but also because the faculty offers such unparalleled opportunities for student-driven research and innovation. He’s now working side by side with award-winning physics professor Michael Kolios to investigate the uses of photoacoustic imaging in cancer treatment monitoring. Eno’s innovative approach allows him to measure the effectiveness of cancer therapies just hours after treatment – and it’s non-invasive.

At Ryerson, we foster an environment of collaboration and support, where graduate students engage with world-class professors to put their own ideas – and their careers – into action.

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