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Student fieldwork for watershed solutions

Researchers from Ryerson's Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

A team of Ryerson students in the Department of Geography & Environmental Studies is getting valuable hands-on field experience working on a large research project to help generate strategies to minimize the negative impacts of road salt, external link on the environment.

Last summer, undergraduate Sammy Tangir joined Professor Claire Oswald’s team, working with a graduate student to collect water samples at a series of monitoring stations north of Toronto. The goal of the research is to understand how chloride from road salt migrates from roads to streams and into Lake Simcoe and Georgian Bay. Findings can be used by watershed managers to promote the reduction of road salt application rates and to understand which parts of a stream network are more vulnerable to salt pollution.

At Ryerson, students like Sammy can collaborate with peers and professors, gaining first-hand knowledge, experiencing hands-on learning and contributing to research that’s helping shape our rapidly urbanizing world.

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