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Changemakers create impact in India

Early Childhood Studies student Chantal Carneiro and Social Work students Nickza Dalas and Jacqueline Iwanski

Students from the Faculty of Community Services (FCS) at Ryerson spent a month in rural India conducting research as part of a social innovation initiative that is training villagers how to meet their basic needs and become more health conscious.

Supported by Ryerson’s Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship, external link, early childhood studies student Chantal Carneiro and social work students Nickza Dalas and Jacqueline Iwanski immersed themselves in the day-to-day activities of two villages, working with the communities to find ways to improve healthcare. As part of their field research, they interviewed women about pregnancies, sanitation practices and vaccinations. They also interviewed health workers at a nearby government centre to identify gaps in medicine, treatments and other health resources. The three undergraduates put the knowledge and techniques they had learned in their programs into practice, collaborating with colleagues across disciplines in a real-world scenario – one that was particularly challenging given the cultural differences and the need to work through translators.

At Ryerson, students like Chantal, Nickza and Jacqueline can go beyond the classroom (sometimes way beyond) to put their learning into practice, challenging themselves in new environments to build the hard and soft skills that will help them create lasting societal impact.

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