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A partnership that saves lives

Biomedical engineering students Saad Ahmed (left) and Samara Seepersad (center), with Biomedical Startup Liaison Nabil Uddin (right), saw an opportunity to impact the lives of neurovascular patients at St. Michael’s Hospital.

For the first Co-Development Lab, external link project of the Biomedical Zone, external link – a health-technology incubator where Ryerson students collaborate with physicians at St. Michael's Hospital – the team was tasked with providing an alternative to the neurovascular department’s current paper-based scheduling system; a process that was susceptible to clerical errors.

Over eight months, the students worked alongside clinicians to develop an electronic scheduling system that tracks patients for the Neurovascular Centre at St. Michael's Hospital. Patients who suffer from neurovascular diseases go through the process over a long period of time and need to be booked for appointments months (sometimes even years) in advance. The team developed technology to ensure appointments can be tracked seamlessly by the clerical team, enabling patients to receive the treatment they need on time.

Saad and Samara credit the Biomedical Zone for providing them with an opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice, allowing them to see the impact their studies can have on patients. Nabil Uddin sees the relationship as mutually beneficial; undergraduate biomedical engineers gain experience in a hospital setting and clinicians get to see their project come to fruition.

The Biomedical Zone is just one of many opportunities at Ryerson designed to get students closer to real-world experiences, providing them the ability to learn and work, alongside the industry’s best.

Photo by Chris Manson

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