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Pinpointing solutions through geographic analysis

Geographic analysis student Selasi Dorkenoo used her ability to analyze and interpret data in combination with geographical information system (GIS) software skills to help the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) pinpoint issues in their technology and processes.

During her internship at the AGCO, Selasi developed a more efficient method of identifying regions of a city that had experienced a high number of businesses violating their alcohol or gaming licenses. As the AGCO’s previous method of identification was location-based and therefore time-consuming for inspectors, Selasi’s use of detailed data provided inspectors with more insight into where to focus their efforts, streamlining and improving business processes.

Through her involvement with the Digital Media Experience Lab, Geospatial Data & Map Centre, and Design Fabrication Zone, Selasi not only improved her skills in 3D printing and GIS software, she also collaborated with students outside of her faculty, providing her with fresh perspectives. This combination of applying knowledge and collaborative experience made her a valuable contributor to her AGCO during her internship.

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