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State-of-the-art research labs meet multidisciplinary collaboration

Undergraduate Farah Choudhary at Ryerson's new research facilities at the MaRS Discovery District.

Science undergraduate Farah Choudhary has been empowered to develop her research skills at Ryerson in our new state-of-the-art biomedical research facility in the MaRS Discovery District.

Farah is part of a team working with professor and biochemist Warren Wakarchuk on research that may one day provide a novel treatment for Parkinson’s disease. As part of the undergraduate experiential learning model at Ryerson, Farah has had the opportunity to be fully immersed in a highly collaborative biomedical research environment where ideas and approaches are transferred seamlessly between research groups. Students can learn techniques from microbiologists, biochemists and cell biologists thereby enriching their research experience by helping them develop skills using multiple different approaches.

At Ryerson, science is not one-size-fits-all – we provide a flexible and customizable learning environment where students like Farah are given opportunities to explore their passions and potential in a supportive, diverse and collaborative setting.

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