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Share your feedback on the proposed statement on Freedom of Expression

Ryerson Senate committee shares draft statement for community input
March 20, 2018
Lake Devo with Ryerson Image Centre and Heaslip House in background

Photo: The Ryerson community is being asked for feedback on the draft of Ryerson's revised statement on Freedom of Expression.

A Senate sub-committee is reviewing the university’s statement on Freedom of Expression, and is asking the Ryerson community for feedback on the proposed draft language for an updated version. Share your feedback on the PDF fileDRAFT of Ryerson’s Revised Statement on Freedom of Expression.

The consultation process began with a Senate Committee of the Whole discussion on March 6, 2018, where Senators were asked the following questions:

1) Does the proposed language properly state the roles and values of the university?

2) Does the proposed language clearly identify the centrality of freedom of expression to the purposes of the university, as well as the limits on freedom of expression?

3) Does the proposed language provide appropriate guidance to the president, provost and Ryerson University administration with respect to issues related to freedom of expression?

4) Do you have any concerns that the proposed language may conflict with any of Ryerson's academic or administrative policies? If so, should the statement be revised or should the policies be re-examined in light of the statement?

The sub-committee is now seeking feedback from all members of the Ryerson Community. Please send your comments regarding the proposed Freedom of Expression Statement to by Monday, April 2, 2018. This email is monitored by the co-­chairs of the review sub-committee. If there are any groups that believe their input can’t be properly stated through email alone, such groups can request a meeting with 2-3 members of the sub-committee by including “APPOINTMENT REQUESTED” in the subject line of their message.

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