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'Be proud of what you have accomplished'

A special message from Chancellor Janice Fukakusa to the spring class of 2020
Category:From the Chancellor
June 29, 2020
Janice Fukakusa on stage at convocation dressed in a black and blue gown shaking hands with a graduate

Chancellor Janice Fukakusa offers warm wishes of congratulations to new graduates.

To the class of 2020: well done!

Completing the requirements of your program and earning your academic honour would be, in normal times, a wonderful achievement. During these days of physical distancing and self-isolation, it is truly remarkable -- a tribute to your perseverance.

In the years to come you may remember the past few months most vividly as an unusual and ever-changing time. But long after the pandemic passes, the years you spent studying here, the friends you made, the personal growth and learning will be the true influences that impact your life forever.

Your time at Ryerson has transformed our university, too. With your curiousity, energy and ambition, you inspire the change that keeps Ryerson current, diverse and focused on the future. Thank you.

Most of all, enjoy this special moment. Be proud of what you have accomplished and please share your gratitude and joy with family and friends.

Congratulations and best wishes for the next step of your journey.


Janice Fukakusa

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