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Boost to digital education initiatives enhances learning

Ryerson-led projects receive funding from eCampus Ontario’s Virtual Learning Strategy
August 03, 2021
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Several new digital learning projects at Ryerson were awarded funding through eCampus Ontario’s Virtual Learning Strategy

Ryerson has received $1.87 million in funding from eCampus Ontario’s Virtual Learning Strategy, external link. The funding will support 29 digital learning projects, external link that aim to expand learning and teaching opportunities and resources at the university. 

Developed by Ryerson faculty, contract lecturers, and staff from the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching and the University Library, the digital learning projects vary in scope, from developing digital content (i.e. online courses, modules, simulations) and building digital capacity, to supporting digital delivery with Ontario-led companies and enhancing digital fluency. Though the majority are brand new projects, some build upon existing initiatives at Ryerson. Five digital content projects directly engage with Indigenous themes and contexts, while others benefit teaching and learning through content that advances experiential learning. Ultimately, the funded projects will contribute to increased flexible and hybrid learning opportunities for students at Ryerson and across the province. 

“This success of these proposals reflects the dedication, creativity, and innovation in teaching and learning of faculty, instructors and staff engaged with teaching across the university,” says Wendy Freeman, executive director of the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. “Receiving this funding is a testament to our community’s interest and initiative in open education and technology-enhanced learning and teaching.” 

With the COVID-19 pandemic having an unprecedented impact on Ontario’s post-secondary education sector, the need for virtual learning supports to enable access to high-quality learning has been more crucial than ever. The Virtual Learning Strategy is a $50 million investment by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities, intended to drive growth and advancement in virtual learning across the province’s post-secondary institutions.

“These types of funds contribute to our growth as a leader in innovative education,” says Freeman. “Given the tremendous effort of teaching and learning during the pandemic, the overwhelming interest in proposing VLS projects highlights the commitment of our community to student learning and innovative teaching. Contributing to the eCampusOntario repository through this grant provides an opportunity for the projects to have a greater impact beyond the Ryerson community.” 

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