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The Renaming Process


As we look to the future and write the next chapter in the history of this institution, it’s critical to acknowledge how complex and multifaceted the renaming process will be. While it might be easy to conceive of renaming as a popularity contest, it is in fact a deliberate procedure involving research and community engagement. It’s crucial to hear from our community as we move forward. 

As we establish themes and categories around which potential names can be categorized, it’s also important to acknowledge that one name cannot convey all of the values and strengths of our university. It should not, however, get in the way of these values. Our goal is to find a name that does not cause harm, will represent the university far into the future, and creates new opportunities to define our community and institution. 

The role of the advisory committee

Members of the Advisory Committee provide guidance, expertise, perspectives and input to support the committee in fulfilling its mandate. The membership’s objective is to identify opportunities and inform processes that are in the best interest of the university community and the university’s future. Through an iterative process, the committee will help narrow potential names to a shortlist to be confirmed by the chair.

The role of agencies in renaming 

The committee will have the support of external professionals to assist in the renaming process. The university will engage a firm to advise and implement a research plan to foster engagement with internal and external communities and a naming firm to facilitate the filtering of suggested names to a shortlist. 

The role of the community 

Community engagement is a key piece of the renaming process, and participation from students, faculty, staff, alumni and the broader community will inform the decision process. The renaming committee will conduct an engagement period where all community members are invited to share ideas, opinions and perspectives. We invite stakeholders to connect with their communities to share news and information throughout the renaming process.

This is not a rebrand

The university is not rebranding. While we are changing the name to better reflect our values and aspirations, the university’s mission, vision and visual identity will remain in place. By retaining our colour palette, fonts, and graphic devices, we hope to maintain continuity and recognizability as we select a name befitting of our identity – both now and in the future. 


A new name will be presented by the end of the 21/22 academic year.