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Throughout the renaming process, we encourage students, faculty and staff to utilize the resources provided, in order to provide context in your communications and drive to the next chapter website for further information. For consistency, it is important to use the approved resources and terminology, to ensure we are clear about this stage of the process with the internal and external community. 

Use of the name, Ryerson University, in the title/credentials section of your signature should be appended with (Renaming in process). A note can be added below the contact information that provides context and links to the Next Chapter website.

Please copy and paste the email signature example below. Edit with your personal information and save to complete the set-up.

Learn how to create an email signature, external link. Full name (pronouns)
Title, Department
Ryerson University (Renaming in process)
416-444-4444 ext. 444444

In August 2021, the university announced that it would begin a renaming process to address the legacy of Egerton Ryerson for a more inclusive future. Let's write the next chapter together.

On the University's main social media channels, we have kept the current boilerplate (“Canada’s leader in innovative, career-oriented education”) and appended a line about the renaming. Given length restrictions (150 characters), we should point to the website for more information.

To recognize the renaming in your social media bio, please include the statement below. The university is currently engaged in a renaming process. To learn more, visit our website.

A screenshot of the Ryerson University Twitter social media bio.

If you are preparing a report during the renaming process, we recommend using the back cover to drive readers to the Next Chapter website. On this page, there should be space to add contextual language around the process of renaming.

Please copy and paste the text below for the back cover of your upcoming reports.

Renaming in process
In August 2021, the university announced that it would begin a renaming process to address the legacy of Egerton Ryerson and build a more inclusive future. Let's write the next chapter together.

Sampel back cover report with renaming reference at the bottom of the page.

With regards to all websites built in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), the global footer has been updated with the “Renaming in process” qualifier and a hyperlink to the Next Chapter website.

However, if your site is not built in AEM, you will need to manually update. 

Ryerson global footer with 'renaming in process' qualifier.


If you are making a video for an internal audience, consider excluding the traditional Ryerson University bumper at the end. This branding element is less important for internal communications, and removing it will help pave the way for a new name. Once a new name is in place, the use of branded bumpers are encouraged.


Videos that target an external audience will still benefit from the presence of the Ryerson bumper so as to situate and provide context to the content. It is not recommended to append the “renaming in process” line to the bumper logo as it could cause confusion and diminish the clarity of the message communicated in the video.

Paid ads should continue to use the Ryerson name and logo until a new name is selected. In general, when targeting external audiences, communications should continue to be tethered to the university brand.

It is not necessary for digital or print ads to mention the name change process.

For paid advertising that links to a website or campaign, it’s important that this page features information about the name change and a link to the Next Chapter website ( This can be accomplished in the footer of the web page or by including a link in the main navigation. In the case of the latter, the navigation label can simply read “Next Chapter” for consistency across our web pages.  

It is not necessary for digital or print ads to mention the name change process, so long as users can find information on affiliated webpages. 

In terms of the content of your marketing efforts, you may consider reducing references to the present name of the university, in favour of more generic labels (e.g. replacing “Ryerson” with “the university”). Please exercise restraint when referring to the Ryerson name in headlines as well as body and social copy. 

The Ryerson logo will continue to be used in communications, so that our activities are easily recognized.

For presentations that prominently feature the Ryerson name — and particularly those designed to reach an external audience – individuals should consider adding a slide at the outset that acknowledges the upcoming name change and points to the Next Chapter website.


Renaming in process slide

For internal or external Zoom meetings, you may choose to use a background that highlights "Renaming in process". Learn how to change your virtual background.