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Smiling students

Students love our comprehensive curriculum, high-quality practice experiences, and strong community. 

Our programs attracts some of the best, brightest and most motivated. Admission is competitive.

Undergraduate Admissions

Collaborative Nursing Degree Program (BScN)

Learn to play a critical role in treatment and recovery for patients, and to support broader public health goals.

Post-Diploma Degree Completion Program in Nursing (BScN)

Build upon your professional experience as a registered nurse, registered practical nurse or internationally educated nurse.  

Graduate Admissions

Master of Nursing (MN)

A Master of Nursing opens the door to advancement in education and policy, management and leadership, research and academics. The MN is offered in three streams:

Master of Nursing (MN) - Course Stream

The Course Stream prepares students for management and leadership roles in policy and education.

Master of Nursing (MN) - Thesis Stream

Graduates of our MN Thesis Stream contribute to evidence-based practice as researchers, academics and more.

Combination Master of Nursing (MN)/Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate (PHCNP)

Students earn a Master's degree and PHCNP Certificate concurrently, preparing them to write the College of Nurses of Ontario's NP - Primary Health Care (Ontario) exam and work as nurse practitioners.

Post-master's Certificate

PhD Program

Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate (PHCNP)

Prepares professional nurses who hold a Master of Nursing to write the College of Nurses of Ontario‚Äôs NP - Primary Health Care (Ontario) exam and work as nurse practitioners in a variety of exciting practice settings.    

Urban Health PhD

The new interdisciplinary Urban Health PhD program prepares graduates to become effective leaders in research, policy and practice.