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Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing

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Dr. Annette Bailey POD-482B 7851
Dr. Heather Beanlands POD-464B 7972
Dr. Susan Bishop POD-460A 7842
Dr. Cristina Catallo POD-470B 2019
Dr. Faith Donald POD-464C 6309
Dr. Susanna Edwards POD-460B 6311
Dr. Sherry Espin POD-468F 7993
Dr. Suzanne Fredericks POD-474B 7978
Dr. Sepali Guruge POD-452A 4964
Dr. Corinne Hart POD-470D 6308
Dr. Jennifer Lapum POD-464A 6316
Dr. Charlotte Lee POD-456B 7992
Dr. Karen LeGrow POD-468E 6327
Dr. Margaret Malone POD-462B 6302
Dr. Elizabeth McCay POD-446 6331
Dr. Coralee McLaren POD-458B 6300 
Dr. Joyal Miranda POD-462A 7850
Dr. Kristine Newman POD-460D 4160
Dr. Diane Pirner POD-478 7991
Dr. Nancy Purdy POD-452 2020
Dr. Daria Romaniuk POD-468D 6310
Dr. Don Rose POD-481A 6324
Dr. Elaine Santa Mina POD-481B 4559 
Dr. Lori Schindel Martin POD-470A 4257
Dr. Jasna Schwind POD-460C 6321
Dr. Souraya Sidani YNG-316 2572
Dr. Oona St-Amant POD-458A 7986
Beth Swart POD-456D 6306
Dr. Kileen Tucker Scott POD-462C 6317
Dr. Mandana Vahabi POD-468A 2725
Dr. Janice Waddell POD-456A 6314
Dr. Nancy Walton POD-482 6300
Dr. Josephine Wong POD-468B 6306
Dr. Janet Yamada POD-468C 6308
Dr. Margareth Zanchetta POD-470C 4557