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Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing

Jennifer Lapum


Associate Professor






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Dr. Jennifer Lapum (tenured Associate Professor) is a poet and an arts-based, narrative researcher. She is an RN with extensive clinical background in critical care nursing particularly in intensive care including cardiovascular intensive care nursing. In her research, she is focused on enhancing patients’ overall health and well-being and ensuring that no patient feels like “the 7,024th patient” when they enter and exit the health care system. As a scientist and artist, her focus is on the development of an arts-informed program of research in the health sciences to advance the capacity for humanistic approaches to health care. At the very core of a humanistic approach is practitioners’ capacity to develop empathetic relations so that they gain insight into patients’ social world and the internalized space of mind and body. Her program of research is embedded in the arts as a medium to facilitate practitioners’ capacity to adopt the subjective viewpoint of patients. The evocative power of the arts elicits affective and embodied responses so that practitioners feel and see the human condition.

Her most recent project is a CIHR funded art exhibition “The 7,024th Patient.” It is a 1739 square foot installation that is over 9 feet in height with hanging textiles imprinted with poetry and photographic images that capture the raw, emotional and embodied experiences of patients in open-heart surgery and recovery. For more information on the art installation, access the following short video:

Poetic Excerpt and Photographic Image from “The 7,024th Patient”

The Absent 24 Hours spotlights the gap in patients’ memory regarding the operation after they count backwards and lose consciousness. Their stories capture what they imagine occurred during this lost time.

                       I count backwards

          by the time I get to nine

I’m gone


Foundations of her teaching philosophy are rooted in “understanding” and student engagement. This philosophy is the driving force to her teaching methods that include creative and artistic methods, embedded critical thinking, integrative learning and student focused approaches. She was nominated by students for the TVOntario 2010 Best Lecturer Competition and received the Ryerson University Dean’s Teaching Award in 2012

Please contact Jennifer if you are interested in networking about arts-informed and/or narrative research projects. If you are a student looking for graduate supervision for an arts-based or narrative study, please email her.

Selected Publications & Presentations:

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Book Chapters

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Art Exhibitions

Lapum, J., Church, K., Matthews David, A., Yau, T., & Ruttosha, P. (June 2011). “The 7,024th Patient Art Exhibition: Stories of Open-heart Surgery and Recovery. Toronto General Hospital. Funded by CIHR Planning, Meetings and Dissemination Event Grant.

Lapum, J., Church, K., Matthews David, A., Yau, T., & Ruttosha, P. (May 2011). “The 7,024th Patient Art Exhibition: Stories of Open-heart Surgery and Recovery. International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. Funded by CIHR Planning, Meetings and Dissemination Event Grant.


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