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Faculty of Community Services

Jennifer Lapum




416-979-5000, ext. 556316

Email Address:


  • open education resources
  • arts-based research and education
  • narrative and poetic inquiry
  • patient-centred and cardiovascular care


I am a Registered Nurse with clinical background in critical care nursing particularly in intensive care (including the cardiovascular intensive care unit). I am keenly interested in issues surrounding patient-centred care, empathy, and compassion within technologically-dominated environments of care. My program of research is focused on ensuring that the 7,024th patient does not feel like the 7,024th patient. I have an arts-based and narrative program of research and use media such as poetry, visual images, installation art, dance, and music to facilitate knowledge translation and a deep understanding of illness and human experiences within my research and teaching pedagogy. I also have extensive expertise in designing and producing open educational resources.

Please contact me if you are interested in research collaboration or graduate studies with a focus on arts-based and narrative methodologies. My work is published in journals including: Social Science & Medicine, CMAJ, International Journal of Whole Person Care, Journal of Palliative Medicine, Journal of Medical Humanities, Qualitative Health Research, Heart & Lung, International Journal of Qualitative Methods, Qualitative Inquiry, Nurse Educator, Forum: Qualitative Social Research, British Journal of Nursing, European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professions.

Research Interests:

Research interests

  • Arts-based and narrative research methods
  • Humanistic and patient-centred care approaches
  • Cardiovascular and acute care


Research projects

  • Trauma-informed dance intervention for youth who have experienced child abuse and/or violence. Public Health Agency of Canada.
  • Creation of an OER: The nurse’s physician examination of the patient. Ryerson University Library OER Grants.
  • Initial evaluation of the impact of the “Hot Flashes? Cool!” exhibit. Pfizer grant.
  • Vital Sign measurement across the lifespan: Open textbook adaption. E-campusOntario, Ministry of training, Colleges, and Universities.
  • On-line modules with virtual gaming simulation: The essentials of maternal and newborn assessment in nursing. E-campusOntario, Ministry of training, Colleges, and Universities.
  • Dance and Parkinson’s disease: a research dissemination project.  Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Planning and Dissemination grant – Institute of Community Support.
  • Arts-informed approaches to person-centred care: a creative education and knowledge translation initiative. Associated Medical Services Phoenix Project: A Call to Caring.
  • “The 7,024th Patient” – Poetically and Visually Dwelling in Patients’ Stories of Heart Surgery and Recovery. Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Meetings, Planning and Dissemination grant: dissemination event.

Current Courses:

Teaching responsibilities

  • NSE 101:  Communication for the Nursing Professional
  • NSE 103:  Introduction to Health Assessment
  • MN 8902: Qualitative Research Methods: Design and Critical Appraisal

Teaching interests

  • Patient-centred communication
  • Holistic and humanistic approaches to care
  • Health assessment
  • Arts-based pedagogy
  • Experiential teaching-learning approaches


Selected Publications:

Books (recent open educational resources)

Lapum, J., St-Amant, O., Hughes, M., Tan, A., Bogdan, A., Dimaranan, F., Frantzke, R., & Savicevic, N. (2019) Scholarly writing in nursing education: 1st Canadian edition. (Open Educational Resource).

St-Amant, O., Lapum, J. & Dubey, V. (Eds). (2020). Vaccine practice for health professinals 1st Canadian edition. (Open Educational Resource)

Lapum, J., & St-Amant, O. (editors). Interpreting Canada’s 2019 food guide and food labelling for health professionals. (Open Educational Resource).

Lapum, J., St-Amant, O., Hughes, M., Petrie, P., Morrell, S., & Mistry, S. (2019). The complete subjective health assessment. (Open Educational Resource). Lapum, J., Verkuyl, M., Garcia, W., St-Amant, O., & Tan, A. (2018). Vital sign measurement across the lifespan. (Open Educational Resource). EcampusOntario.

Book chapters (recent open educational resources)

 Lapum, J., Verkuyl, M., Hughes, M., St-Amant, O., Romaniuk, D., Betts, L., & Mastrilli, P (2018). Design and creation of virtual gaming simulations in nursing education (pp. 127-141). In R.Gordon and D.McGonigle (Eds.), Virtual Simulation in Nursing Education. Springer Publishing.

Lapum, J (2017). Installation art: The voyage never ends, pg. 377-395. In P. Leavy(Ed), The Handbook of Arts-based Research. Guilford Press.

Lapum, J (2017). Deepening the mystery of arts-based research in the health sciences, pg. 526-545. In P. Leavy (Ed.), The Handbook of Arts-based Research. Guilford Press.

Lapum, J., & Schwind, J (2016). “My aesthetic moment”: interprofessional narratives. In A. Peterkin and P. Brett-MacLean (Eds.). In, Keeping Reflection Fresh: A Practical Guide for Clinical Educators. The Kent State University Press.

Journal articles (recent)

Verkuyl, M., Lapum, J., St-Amant, O., Hughes, M., Romaniuk, D. & McCulloch, T.(2020). Exploring debriefing combinations after a virtual simulation. Journal of Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 40(C), 36—42.

Verkuyl, M., St-Amant, O., Hughes, M., Lapum, J., & McCulloch, T. (2020). Combining self-debriefing and group debriefing in simulation. Clinical Simulation in Nursing 39, 41-44.

Lapum, J., St-Amant, O., Verkuyl, M., Garcia, W., Tan, A., Freeman, W., & Savicevic, N. (2019). Designing open access, educational resources. Quality Advancement in Nursing Education, 5(2), Article 7. Retrieved from:

Verkuyl, M., Hughes, M., Atack, L., McCulloch, T., Lapum, J.L., Romaniuk, D. & St-Amant, O. (2019, Dec). Comparison of self-debriefing alone or in combination with group debrief. Journal of Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 37, 32-39.

Lapum, J., Verkuyl, M., Hughes, M., Romaniuk, D., McCulloch, T., & Mastrilli, P. (2018). Self-debriefing in virtual simulation. Nurse Educator, 44(6), p.E6-E8. doi: 10.1097/NNE.0000000000000639 [Epub ahead of print]

Fredericks, S., Lapum, J., Graham, J., Patel, J., Yau, T., Bailey, B., & Marelli, A. (2019). Continuity of care for adults living in the community who have been diagnosed with congenital heart disease. Primary Health Care, 29(3), 34-39.

Carpenter JS, Rand KL, Schmidt K, Lapum J, Kesling MD. (2019). Public survey reactions to an arts-based educational menopausal hot flash exhibit. Menopause: The Journal of the North American Menopause Society, 26(9), 989-993. doi: 10.1097/GME.0000000000001352

Carpenter, J., Schmidt, K., Jarvis, L., Lapum, J., & Kesling, M. (2019, June, epub ahead of print). Focus group reactions to an arts-based educational exhibit about menopausal hot flashes. Menopause: The Journal of the North American Menopause Society, 26(9), 981-988. doi: 10.1097/GME.0000000000001351

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Lapum, J., Fredericks, S., Bailey, B., Yau, T., Graham, J., & Marelli, A. (2019). Historical investigation of medical treatment for adult congenital heart disease: A Canadian Perspective. Congenital Heart Disease, 14(2), 185-192. Doi: 10.1111/chd.12716

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Professional Affiliations:

2019 Co-recipient, TESS 2019 Conference “I Am Inspired Award” – Presentation title: Creating and adapting OER with students for students. TESS 2019. (Technology + Education Seminar + Showcase). Toronto, Ontario.

2019 Recipient. Ryerson Library Open Access Wall of Fame Award. Ryerson University.

2019 Recipient, 2019. Silver in the International Serious Play Awards for Digital games in the professional category. Verkuyl, Djafarova, St-Amant, & Lapum.

2018 Recipient, International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL), Research Excellence Award. Team: Verkuyl, Lapum, Hughes, McCulloch, Mastrilli, St-Amant, Betts.

2017 Recipient, eCampus Ontario Technology Enabled Seminar + Showcase (TESS) Awards: Best in Show: Learner-Centred Outcomes (Margaret Verkuyl, Daria Romaniuk, Jennifer Lapum, Paula Mastrilli, Naza Djafarova, DES, Ryerson)

2017 Recipient, Research Knowledge Mobilization and Engagement award, Ryerson University

2015 Recipient, Provost’s Experiential Teaching award, Ryerson University

2015 Recipient, Dean’s Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity award, Ryerson University

Selected Publications & Presentations:

Bar, R., Lapum, J., Dionne, M., & Kalia, L. (June 27, 2018). Dance for Parkinson’s:  Translating knowledge into action. Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation. Halifax

Bar, R., Lapum, J., Dionne, M., & Kalia, L. (April 20, 2017). Dance for Parkinson’s:  Translating knowledge into action. Canada’s National Ballet School. Toronto, Ontario.

Bar, R., Lapum, J., Dionne, M., & Kalia, L. (April 11, 2017). Dance for Parkinson’s:  Translating knowledge into action. Toronto Western Hospital. Toronto, Ontario

Lapum, J., Bar, R., Kalia, L., & Dionne, M. (2017). A Prescription for Dance. Producer and Director Karen Suzuki. (film) Retrieved from:

Lapum, J., Yau, T, Church, K., Liu, L., Cohen, G, & Ruttonsha, P (October 24 to 26, 2015). “The 7,024th Patient” art exhibition. Canadian Cardiovascular Congress.

Lapum, J., Church, K., Yau, T., Liu, L., Cohen, G, & Ruttonsha, P (March 11 to 16, 2014). “The 7,024th Patient” art exhibition. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

Lapum, J., Church, K., Yau, T., Matthews David, A., & Ruttonsha, P. (June 15 & 16, 2011). “The 7,024th Patient” art exhibition. Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario.

Lapum, J., Church, K., Yau, T., Matthews David, A., & Ruttonsha, P. (May 18 to 21, 2011). “The 7,024th Patient”. International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. Urbana,

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  • DCC-577-A, Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex