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At Ryerson, our undergraduate and graduate programs set the bar for excellence in nursing education.

With combined strengths in practice and teaching, we prepare students to pursue the career of their dreams – and help them build the valuable, real-life skills they’ll need to advance through intense, challenging practicums.

Undergraduate Programs

Collaborative Nursing Degree Program (BScN)

Learn to play a critical role in treatment and recovery for patients, and to support broader public health goals.

Post-Diploma Degree Completion Program in Nursing (BScN)

Build upon your professional experience as a registered nurse, registered practical nurse or internationally educated nurse.  

Graduate Programs

Master of Nursing (MN)

A Master of Nursing opens the door to advancement in education and policy, management and leadership, research and academics. The MN is offered in three streams:

Master of Nursing (MN) - Course Stream

The Course Stream prepares students for management and leadership roles in policy and education.

Master of Nursing (MN) - Thesis Stream

Graduates of our MN Thesis Stream contribute to evidence-based practice as researchers, academics and more.

Combination Master of Nursing (MN)/Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate (PHCNP)

A combined MN and PHCNP Certificate makes it possible to earn a MN while training as a nurse practitioner and prepare for exciting advanced practice and leadership roles.

Post-master's Certificate

PhD Program

Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate (PHCNP)

Prepare to work as a nurse practitioner in community health, NP-led clinics, long term and palliative care, family health teams and more.

Urban Health PhD

The new interdisciplinary Urban Health PhD program prepares graduates to become effective leaders in research, policy and practice.