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Faculty of Community Services

Preceptors and instructors

The Master of Nursing (MN) program at Ryerson University consists of 4 streams: course based, thesis, combined MN & Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (PHCNP), and a PHCNP Certificate.

The courses delivered within the MN program are primarily delivered by faculty who have a full appointment to the Yeates School of Graduate Studies (YSGS). However, a small number of courses are facilitated by instructors who bring professional experience and substantive knowledge of various fields. As well, the “practicum” or clinical courses offer students professional practice experiences and are often facilitated by preceptors from professional practice and clinical settings.

In the MN program, the preceptor instructs, observes, and assesses students as they demonstrate their competence with respect to specific MN practicum course objectives. Preceptoring occurs within a specified time period, in a variety of settings, using standardized evaluation procedures (Yonge et al., 2002).

Associate Membership Status with YSGS for instructors and preceptors is intended for those individuals who have already significantly contributed to the MN program through ongoing teaching and preceptoring of students.

Please view the Application requirements and instructions [PDF] for an Associate Membership Status with YSGS.