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Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing

Our evolving attitudes and approaches toward illness and wellness are reshaping our health care system, and in the process, creating exciting new possibilities for nurses.

Beyond the critical role they play in facilitating treatment and recovery for patients, Registered Nurses are increasingly involved in health promotion and illness prevention.

Program formats:

● Full-time, PostDiploma Degree Completion

● Part-time, Post-Diploma Degree Completion

Start Dates:

● September and January entry.

Degree earned: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN)

Professional Accreditation: Ryerson’s Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing is accredited by the The Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing.

Domestic fees range:

Full-time domestic tuition fee details

Part-time domestic tuition fee details

International fees range:

Full-time international tuition fee details

Part-time international tuition fee details


When you apply to Ryerson’s Post-Diploma Degree Completion Program in Nursing, you are required to meet a number of admission requirements, based on your grades and prerequisite courses. Please see our admission requirement details here

You need to meet certain deadlines when submitting your application online and are required to submit supporting documents such as academic transcripts.

More on admissions.

Ryerson’s Post-Diploma Degree Completion Program in Nursing prepares nursing professionals with a range of experience to excel in a variety of nursing roles and health care settings. Our students include:

Our challenging curriculum and rewarding clinical placements encourage you to develop an analytical approach to your nursing practice, preparing you for exciting career advancement opportunities.

You will graduate well positioned to advance your career, equipped with a deeper understanding of how you, as a nursing professional, and how nursing as a profession integrate with the broader health care system.

● Registered Nurses with a Canadian nursing Diploma.

● Registered Practical Nurses who have completed Ryerson’s approved bridging program.

● Internationally Educated Nurses who have graduated from George Brown’s Academic Pathway for Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN) Graduate Certificate.

Our challenging curriculum and rewarding clinical placements encourage you to develop an analytical approach to your nursing practice, preparing you for exciting career advancement opportunities.

You will graduate well positioned to advance your career, equipped with a deeper understanding of how you, as a nursing professional, and how nursing as a profession integrate with the broader health care system.

Ryerson’s Nursing Post-Diploma Program offers an excellent opportunity to upgrade your skills, develop your practice and advance your nursing career.

The traditional image of nurses as hospital bedside caregivers is only one of the many faces of nursing in the modern health care system. The scope of nursing practice now encompasses health promotion and the delivery of primary health care services to families, communities and target populations as well as the care of ill and injured individuals.

The career choices open to nurses today are nothing less than vast. You can find opportunities:

  • In the community: as a public health nurse, visiting nurse, community health nurse (in an ambulatory clinic, health centre, primary care facility, street health organization, or occupational health setting), school nurse or parish nurse.
  • In a hospital: providing in-patient, out-patient and long-term or psychiatric care.
  • In the public or private sector: in a home for the aged, a workplace health unit or in a service such as nursing Telepractice.
  • In independent practice: as a teacher, or health care provider.
  • In the developing world: as a refugee or international relief nurse or as part of a community-building team.

After graduation, you may decide to expand your career choices and advancement opportunities even further by pursuing graduate studies.

Ryerson’s Nursing Post-Diploma program provides you with the rewarding opportunity to build upon your college nursing education and accelerate your nursing career.

Diverse learning opportunities in the classroom and a range of clinical practice settings support you to develop your own learning objectives and meet your unique professional and academic goals.

A dynamic blend of lecture discussion, hybrid online learning, small group learning, self-directed learning and supervised clinical practice enable you to develop advanced skills and knowledge in a variety of clinical areas, including:

  • public health
  • acute care
  • community health

Our part-time program is designed to meet the needs of nursing professionals wishing to balance education with their career.

Our graduates go on to pursue exciting nursing careers in the community, in hospital, in the public or private sectors, and in independent practice, actively improving our collective health and well-being.

With full-time and part-time options, the Nursing Post-Diploma program at Ryerson is sure to fit your needs and goals.

Part-time, Post-Diploma Degree Completion Program

A flexible blend of in-class and online course delivery supports our part-time students to balance professional development with their career.

Part-time students have up to seven years to complete the program, which is delivered through the Chang School of Continuing Education

Part-time Nursing Post-Diploma program delivery: RN students

Part-time Nursing Post-Diploma program delivery: RPN students

Full-time, Post-Diploma Degree Completion program

The full-time program is intense and demanding, consisting of two years of full-time study.

Expect to be in class three days a week. In your second year, you also participate in placements for two days a week on Thursday and Friday. For every hour in class, expect to spend one to three hours outside of class reading, reviewing and studying.

To ensure success in the program and an adequate work-life balance, we often advise our full-time students to work fewer hours.

Our rich and rewarding curriculum prepares you to play a critical role in treatment and recovery for patients.

Core courses embrace the foundations of nursing practice, supporting you to practice consistent, safe and effective care. Key topics include:

  • health assessment
  • research methods and statistics
  • epidemiology: major health problems
  • ethics and health care
  • women's health


Our professionally related courses engage you with the issues, opportunities and perspectives you will encounter in your professional nursing practice. Topics include:

  • health policy: ethics and justice
  • community psychology
  • health promotion and community development
  • team work for community services
  • occupational health


In your clinical placements, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a broad range of nursing practice settings — translating theory into practice and solidifying your technical, communication, care-giving and teamwork skills.

You may pursue a minor to further enrich your knowledge , a nd take elective courses in liberal studies — such as history, politics and geography — allowing you to broaden your perspective.

Nursing Post-Diploma curriculum.

Photo of a nursing student speaking at the DCSN awards ceremony

There is more to the Ryerson Nursing Post-Diploma experience than just lectures, placements, books and studying. At Ryerson, we offer many opportunities to get involved in:

  • athletics and recreation
  • social events
  • conferences
  • student politics
  • volunteering

Our engaged students help create a vibrant campus life. The Nursing Course Union (NCU) organizes events and engages in advocacy, helping to build a strong sense of community.

And that’s without mentioning Ryerson’s innovative and worldclass facilities. The Student Learning Centre provides an outstanding environment in which to study, collaborate and share ideas, and the Mattamy Athletic Centre offers Ryerson students an NHL-sized hockey rink, basketball court and fitness centre.

After graduation, you will form part of a strong alumni community. The Ryerson alumni network is active and involved, providing great opportunities for volunteering, socializing and networking.