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Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing

Visiting Professorship 2010-2011

Joan Anderson

In the Fall of 2010, the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing hosted Distinguished Visiting Professor Dr. Joan Anderson for a convivial week of consultation, exchange and mentorship.

Dr. Anderson is Professor Emerita, University of British Columbia, School of Nursing. Her program of research centres upon the areas of culture, gender, migration, health, and inequities in health and health care.

Dr. Anderson’s most recent research project, which is funded by CIHR, is called “Cultural Safety and Knowledge Uptake in Clinical Settings: A model for Practice for Culturally Diverse Populations.” Among the journals to publish her work are the esteemed Nursing Inquiry and the Canadian Journal of Nursing Research. Recent publications include:

  • Anderson, J.M. (2009).  Discourse:  Looking back, Looking forward:  Conceptual and methodological trends in nursing research in Canada over the past decade.  Canadian Journal of Nursing Research40th Anniversary - A Ten Year Retrospective, 41(1), 47-55.
  • Anderson, J.M., Rodney, P., Reimer Kirkham, S., Browne, A.J., Khan, K.B., & Lynam, M.J. (2009).  Inequities in health and health care viewed through the ethical lens of critical social justice:  Contextual knowledge for the global priorities ahead.  Advances in Nursing Science, 32(4), 282-294.
  • Anderson, J.M. (2007). Health care reform and the paradox of efficiency: “Writing in” culture. International Journal of Health Services, 37(2), 291-320.

Dr. Anderson has served on the Editorial Boards for Health Care for Women International and Nursing Inquiry; her excellence in teaching and scholarship has bene recognized by numerous awards.

The University Lecture was a highlight of this busy week -- Dr. Anderson’s presentation was entitled "Diversity in Health: Toward a Social Justice Agenda". She also held consultations with most of the School’s Research Clusters, as well as with individuals, discussed mentoring students with faculty, and attended an undergraduate and a graduate class.

For more information, please click here to access Dr. Anderson's website at the University of British Columbia.