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Nursing student groups

As your Nursing student organizations, the Nursing Course Union (NCU) and Canadian Nursing Student Association (CNSA) work collaboratively in executing and promoting events throughout the academic year.

Contact us to learn more about these upcoming events and promotions, and how you can get involved!

Every student enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program at Ryerson is a member of the Ryerson Students' Union (RSU). This membership entitles students to all of the advocacy and services provided by the RSU. All members of the RSU are members of the provincial and national student's union, the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS).

Canadian Nursing Student Association (CNSA)

The Canadian Nursing Students' Association (CNSA) is the national voice of Canadian nursing students. We are individuals, chapters, and lifetime/honorary members representing the interests and passions of students studying to be Registered Nurses (RN), Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses (RPN), and Advanced Practice Nurses across Canada.

As a full-time/part-time/collaborative/post-diploma Nursing student at Ryerson University, you are also automatically a member of the Canadian Nursing Students Association (CNSA) - Ryerson Chapter. 

The CNSA is an affiliate student group on campus. An affiliate student group is comprised of RSU members who share an interest in an academic-related project or an academic program-based issue. Student groups and programs may have external affiliations such as professional societies. Affiliate groups do not have the same privileges as Course Unions, however they do provide students with additional resources and opportunities to bring external perspectives and issues to their students.

Our Chapter Values:

  • Professional Development
  • Leadership and Empowerment
  • Compassion
  • Scholarship
  • Advocacy

Our Chapter Objectives:

  • To increase awareness of CNSA and its related interests among nursing students and faculty.
  • To nurture professional development and empower students to be leaders.
  • To foster a sense of community within our Ryerson Chapter.
  • To promote constructive and accountable collaborations among the three satellite sites including Ryerson University, Centennial College, and George Brown College.

Our services:

  • Arrange discount student group rates for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Level HCP and Standard First Aid (SFA)
  • Provide nursing equipment, such as stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, and penlights
  • Professional Development Workshops

Contact Information:


POD-454, Podium Building
Ryerson University, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, ON
M5B 2K3
Phone: 416-979-5000, ext. 6335

Official Website:

Nursing Course Union (NCU)

As a member of the Ryerson Student's Union, you are automatically a member of the Course Union of the program in which you are enrolled. As a Nursing student at Ryerson, you are automatically a member of the Nursing Course Union (NCU).

Each course union is made up of executive members of students, who were elected by other students in their program in the previous academic year. These students plan and coordinate activities which bring students in their program together under a departmental council.

Course Unions are funded by the Ryerson Students' Union and fundraising initiatives. They also have room booking privileges, mailboxes, email accounts and poster approval.


To be a dynamic community of empowered students who demonstrate their interest and passion in Nursing at Ryerson University.


To enhance the Ryerson University experience for Nursing students by offering services, events, and support in the academic and social setting.

We are committed to:

  • Organizing a variety of social, educational, equitable, and Nursing-related events
  • Advocating with Nursing students for program-specific concerns and social movements
  • Promoting social interaction among peers, in and out of the academic and placement setting
  • Acting as a liaison between Nursing students, faculty, staff, and program administrators
  • Providing leadership, skill development, and networking opportunities for Nursing students
  • Collaborating with professional organizations, course unions, student groups, and the Ryerson Students’ Union which will connect Nursing students to the Ryerson community at large


To guide our conduct and behaviour as the Nursing Course Union, we follow a set of core values as we work towards our vision:

  • Empowerment: By improving transparency of program-specific concerns and student initiatives, we believe Nursing students will feel empowered as they are informed of what is happening on campus and of the services and resources available to them. Nursing students can be empowered with opportunities to get involved through leadership, fellowship, or as an ally.
  • Peer Support: Throughout our educational experience, we learn a variety of methods to care for our individual self, our clients, and our communities, however, we strongly believe it is also important to promote peer-led support for each other as current Nursing students and as future nurses, in and out of the academic and placement setting.
  • Capacity Building: Although we are all in the same institution studying to be in the same health care profession, it is essential that we acknowledge our own unique talents and individuality. Together we will continue to build on our personal strengths and experiences by creating a culture of innovative Nursing students.

Contact Information


POD 467, Podium Building
Ryerson University, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, ON
M5B 2K3

Official Website:


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