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Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing
Can I take Psychology courses to sat Liberal Studies requirements for graduation?

No. Nursing students are restricted from using Psychology courses to fulfill their Liberal Studies requirements (applied to both Upper and Lower Level Liberal Studies).

Can I drop a required corequisite course such as PAT 20 A/B?

If you drop a required corequisite course, you will not be permitted to complete all other corequisite courses.

I missed class/placement/test or assignment because I was sick. What do I do?

You must submit an Academic Consideration form and Medical Certificate within three (3) business days of missed class/placement. The Medical Certificate MUST be completed by, and stamped, by a physician's office. Submit completed forms to Richard Perras (POD474) or Adam Panacci (POD 474C).



When can I expect to hear back regarding my Admission into the Full Time Post Diploma Program?

The first set of offers will start to be released for early May and then they will continue on throughout the Spring and Summer terms.

Can I take electives starting the Spring/Summer Term prior to starting in the Full Time Program?

Yes, you can.  The Post Diploma program requires that you take 3 UPPER level liberal courses as well as 2 Professionally-Related Courses.  We would recommend not taking more than 2-3 elective courses. Please remember that you cannot choose courses that are on the Restricted List for the Upper Level Liberal Courses.  You can also take CPHL 302 Ethics and Health Care during the Spring/Summer Term.

To see the complete list of Liberal and Professionally-Related Courses, you must see the online calendar

You must compare this list and check the availability of times and dates with the Continuing Education (CE) calendar.

How many days can I expect to be at School for the Full Time Post Diploma Program starting in September?

You can expect to be in classes all day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. You will not have class on Thursdays and Fridays. These days are kept free because eventually in Year 2, when you do your Nursing Practice I and II, it will take place on Thursdays and Fridays

For the Full Time Post Diploma Program, what can I expect as far as out of class time in order to keep up academically with my courses?

For every hour in class spent on material, you will need at least 1 to 3 hours outside of class to read, review, and study the academic material.  Students coming from approved Bridging programs have found the expectations of the Post Diploma program to be rigorous.

Our recommendation would be to work less hours in order to accommodate for class and review time.

As a student in the Full Time Post Diploma Program, are there resources on campus that can help me with my studies?

Absolutely.  As a Full Time Undergraduate student, you can use all the resources on campus such as the Tri-Mentoring Office, the Counselling Centre, Access Centre, and the Learning Skills Strategy Office.

There are numerous workshops and even online resources that will help you with succeeding in your courses.

You can take a look at all of the resources offered on campus below;



For the Central Placement Office's "Frequently Asked Questions", please go to