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Associate Members

Associate Members of the Yeates School of Graduate Studies make significant contributions to the School of Nutrition and Ryerson University through precepting or supervising students in dietetic practical training placements and by participating in scholarly, research and creative projects.

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Professional Practice Leader, Clinical Registered Dietitian

Runnymede Healthcare Centre

Within Runnymede’s complex continuing care setting which includes the medically complex and rehab population, Janna assesses clinical indicators and develops nutrition care plans to help manage patients’ health conditions and meet their nutrition-related goals

To me, precepting is bridging the gap between theory and practice by providing a supervised practical experience for a student. It is training that is essential in providing the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary for students to be successful as a dietitian.  It also helps preceptors reflect on their teaching and communication skills, stay current with evidence, and provides an opportunity to give back to the profession.

When I first meet with students I ask them to create goals to not only achieve clinical competencies but also to improve soft skills which are transferable to any placement and will help them succeed in practice.

Registered Dietitian, Hemodialysis Unit

St. Michael's Hospital

Arti currently oversees the nutrition care of over 250 patients receiving hemodialysis. She works with an excellent inter-disciplinary team and in a model which allows her to care for patients and be involved in initiatives and research that improve patient care.

While I hope to instill knowledge, skills and be an excellent role model when precepting students, for me it is most rewarding when I am able to instill confidence.  It can be nerve-wracking to be a student – constantly being evaluated and supervised – but it is my hope that students leave a rotation with me feeling assured that they have the right tools and experience to practice as dietitians. It is most rewarding to see the growth of a student who comes to me feeling unsure or hesitant and leaves feeling self-assured about their ability to independently take on part of a workload.  

I find giving the student enough space to practice their assessment and education skills with patients helps build their confidence.  I try to situate myself in a position where the patient and student cannot see me, but I am still able to overhear their interaction. This allows the student to relax and gain a rapport with the patient and I am still able to provide constructive feedback after the interaction.

Senior Manager, Pharmacy Professional Services

Shoppers Drug Mart / Loblaw Companies Ltd

Precepting provides opportunities for future dietitians to experience an area of dietetic practice. My area of work may be quite different from the typical roles dietitians hold and I am always happy when students are surprised at what they experience and learn with me. Precepting also means providing a safe space for learners to ask questions, try things out, and learn which areas of practice truly resonate with them.

Something I find important in any role – not just as a preceptor but certainly it is important here – is being open to new and different perspectives and ways of doing things. I don’t have all the answers to questions that arise, and I often learn things about myself, about precepting, and about dietetics from students I work with. Learning together and being open to a variety of ways of accomplishing tasks and projects makes us all better, as we are able to try new approaches and identify efficiencies all around. I think this also keeps things interesting, fun and engaging, which at the end of the day is what I think we all want to experience in our work!

Professional Practice Leader for Clinical Nutrition & Dietetic Education Coordinator  

North York General Hospital

I can honestly say that having students has made me a better Dietitian. It pushes me to keep up to date and has helped me to improve my teaching skills. Precepting is about building trust between the student and preceptor. It’s about creating a safe environment that encourages students to take chances, allowing them to make mistakes along the way, while helping them to develop their critical thinking, problem solving, and confidence.

Try to resist the urge to jump in the minute the student looks puzzled. Give them time to work out the problem and wait for them to ask for help. Students bring a wealth of knowledge so allow them to show you what they can do.

PMDip Dietetics Education Specialist

St. Michael’s Hospital

Precepting to me means providing supervised training to a student or students in way that allows students to apply their knowledge in a practical real life setting. It means supporting, coaching and teaching the student so that they can develop their skills and progress in their training.

I am curious and learn so much from the students.  They inspire me to do a better job in supporting them.