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Fiona Yeudall




416-979-5000, ext. 557071

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Fiona Yeudall is an associate professor in Ryerson’s School of Nutrition and director of the Centre for Studies in Food Security. Yeudall’s extensive work and research experience relating to nutrition and food security in Canada, Malawi, and Uganda combine with an interest in evaluating the effectiveness of food-based interventions and practices, such as urban gardening, in improving food security. In addition to being a registered dietitian, Yeudall holds a PhD (Otago) in human nutrition.

Research Interests:

Yeudall has been involved in numerous food security research initiatives. She has conducted the following research:

  • Food Policy Game Handout: Key Barriers and Strategies to the Implementation of Food Security Policy.

  • ICUH Poster/Handout: Mobilizing for Food Security and Health Research.

  • Ugrow Project Report: Seeds, Soil and Stories: A Pilot Study of Community Gardening in Southeast Toronto.

  • SSA Workshop on Health Risks & Benefits of Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture: Nutritional and Dietary Perspectives.
  • Toronto Food for Talk: Urban Agriculture in Kampala, Uganda, Sept. 22, 2006.


Position Currently Held:

Director, School of Nutrition and Associate Professor

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  • DCC-626, Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex