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Student Research

Ryerson’s School of Nutrition supports undergraduate and graduate students to pursue innovative avenues of research that promote the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.

Students can apply to conduct research, work or volunteer at the Nutrition Discovery Labs, external link — a state-of-the-art experimental nutrition, exercise physiology, and biomarker analysis research facility located in the School of Nutrition at Ryerson University.

Our newly launched Concentration in Nutrition and Health Research allows undergraduate students to pursue an independent research interest, upon the completion of a cluster of courses. Concentration requirements are outlined in the undergraduate calendar.

Nutrition Communication students in the Major Research Paper/Project stream create new insight into a variety of research topics, ranging from diabetes management to food system renewal. Recent titles include:

  • Exploring university athletic departments’ sports nutrition education programs, partnerships and policies: An environmental scan.

  • The role of dietary protein at breakfast on satiety, food intake and glycemic response in children 9-14 years old.

  • Person centred approach to diabetes management.

  • “It’s just common sense”: A theoretical model of women’s nutrition information behaviour activities.

  • Updating dietary intervention recommendations from the Canadian clinical guidelines on the management and treatment of obesity.

  • A comparative analysis of packaged products with sodium reduction claims.

  • Antioxidant messages on food products in Canadian grocery stores: A content analysis.

  • What online communication strategies are communities of practice using to facilitate knowledge exchange or translation?

  • Food system renewal in Toronto: A qualitative inquiry and critical analysis of the public consultation and engagement process.

  • Best practices of written and oral knowledge translation for low health literary populations.

  • Broken telephone II: Website quality assessment tool development and testing.

  • The evolution of FoodShare: An exploratory investigation of Canada's largest community food security organization.