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Faculty of Community Services

Academic standing

All students are responsible for checking their academic standing at the end of each term once grades have been released.

Your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) and Term Grade Point Average (TGPA) should always be at least a minimum of 1.67.

Learn more about Ryerson's grade calculations.


What does this mean?

Your CGPA is at least 1.67.



What do I do now?

You may continue your program studies.


What does this mean?

Your CGPA is 1.00 to 1.66.



What do I do now?

  1. Before your first class, share the completed agreement [DOC] with advisor and director
  2. First meeting (first two weeks) meet with a learning strategist (Iram Khan or Chris Cachia)
  3. Second Meeting (week of 50% refund) meet with advisor (Zena Alrawdah)
  4. Third Meeting (final drop with good standing) meet with advisor (Zena Alrawdah)
  5. If applicable, consider crisis or individual appointment with FCS Counsellor or workshops  
Required to withdraw (RTW)

What does this mean?

  • Your CGPA was less than 1.00,
  • Your TGPA and CGPA were below 1.67 while on probation, or
  • You have violated the terms of your Probationary Contract.



What do I do now?

Option one: Appeal standing

All of your classes and course intentions/change courses will be de-registered once your standing is RTW.  If you would like to take courses and intend on submitting an appeal:

1. Prepare an appeal package, by the deadline (May 24, 2019 for Winter 2019)

2. If you intend on taking subsequent Spring/Summer courses, submit the Standing Appeal Notification Form to have RTW hold lifted, pending the appeal decision. You are responsible for re-enrolling into classes.  



Option two: Apply to the Fresh Start program

1. Register for the Fresh Start program:

  • Once you are RTW you may take a term off and apply for the Fresh Start skills-building course in the following term.
  • While you are enrolled in Fresh Start, you can only take two other courses.
  • If you successfully complete Fresh Start, you may proceed to EAP2 (restricted to three courses) and must maintain a 1.67 TGPA.

2. Complete the Extended Probation Contract [DOC] and save as your last      name. Email it to the academic advisor.

3. Book an appointment with the academic advisor to discuss/sign your contract before your first class.



More information:

Permanently withdrawn (PPW)

What does this mean?

  • You were reinstated into your program after being Required to Withdraw and you did not fulfill the conditions under which you were reinstated,
  • You received a second Required to Withdraw standing, or
  • You failed a required course for the third time.



What do I do now?

  1. Advise the academic advisor if you intend on appealing your standing (see academic appeals).
  2. Prepare an appeal package. You must submit the package by the deadline.