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International exchange program

Ryerson provides many opportunities for you to take your Nutrition and Food education global.

Visit Ryerson International to learn more about more global education opportunities.

What is the exchange program?

The School of Nutrition provides the opportunity for nutrition students to engage in cultural and educational opportunities abroad. Exchange students remain registered at Ryerson while on exchange. This means that you will continue to pay tuition to Ryerson and do not have to apply for readmission upon your return.

Why is it beneficial?
  • Experience a new culture
  • Discover a new and different way of learning
  • A great experience to include on your resume
  • Develop cross-cultural competencies
  • Build your resilience and adaptability
  • Enhance your professional development
Who is eligible?

Students entering their third year, with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 (C+) are eligible to apply to go on exchange.

To consider before applying
  • Course equivalents and availability (some courses are not taught every term)
  • Exchanges take place in the winter term only (one-semester only)
  • The cost of living at the host university
  • Your personal interests (consider the campus location and language of the host country)

Before making a decision, be sure to research host universities, attend an information session and speak to your academic advisor.

How do I apply?

Step one:

Step two:

  • Meet qualifying criteria and apply online.
  • Submit the following documents as part of your online application: 
    • Cover letter (one page) stating where and why you want to go on exchange
    • Resume
    • Course Planning Tool (linked to your course planning tool document)

Step three:

  • Email your application package to your academic advisor by February 1. Include the following:
    • Cover letter (one page) stating where and why you want to go on exchange
    • Resume
    • Course Planning Tool
International exchange and summer program timeline
Month Details
November - January
  • International summer programs application deadline
January - February
  • January 31:  Deadline for online exchange application
  • February 1: Deadline to submit your application package via email
February - March
  • Confirm exchange spot
  • Approval process begins; you will be contacted by the school  
  • Research course selection at host university
  • Book appointment with academic advisor to discuss transferable courses
  • Complete exchange application for host university
  • Attend Ryerson exchange pre-departure orientation
  • Receive confirmation of acceptance from host university
  • Apply for visa
  • Exchange term begins
Steps for approved students

Successful applicants will be nominated to their exchange universities in approximately late March.

1. Mandatory items to send to your academic advisor:

2. Host university:

  • Complete host institution application (September/October)
  • Select courses to study overseas
  • Host approval will take several weeks

3. Attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation session in October