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Planning Your Courses

Keeping your education on track in Ryerson’s School of Nutrition means following the right steps when selecting your courses. The following information explains how you can plan and enrol in courses in the Nutrition and Food program.

To enhance the breadth and depth of your knowledge, you will take some or all of the following types of courses (check out the undergraduate calendar for current information on course offerings):


Prospective students

  • Use the undergraduate calendar together with the Course Planning Tool  and your previous degree transcript to forecast credits that will transfer to the Nutrition and Food degree.

  • Remember that a maximum of 20 transfer credits can be applied to your degree, and that courses can only be assessed by the Transfer Credit Office once you have been offered admission into the program.

Accepted students

Once you’ve accepted your offer of admission and activated your account, you’ll be able to apply for a maximum of 20 transfer credits. Be sure to review:

Track your transferred or completed credits by checking your advisement report through RAMSS.

To appeal a transfer credit decision, review transfer credit reassessment.

Current students

  • Keep your Academic Plan up-to-date by reviewing your advisement report and cross-referencing with your Course Planning Tool each year. This lets you see all the courses you have taken, are currently enrolled in, and still need to take in order to graduate.

  • Get the schedule you want by completing course intentions early to mid-March each year. During course intentions, your academic plan acts as a guide: use it with RAMSS to save a seat in the classes you need.

  • Add, drop and swap classes. During the enrollment period, you will be able to make changes to your schedule based on availability of open classes.