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Office of the Ombudsperson - Confidential, Impartial and Independent

5. Deadlines

Academic Appeals Deadline


FALL 2018 - Appeals Deadline

Grades and Standings

January 21st 2019 - 4 PM


Fall 2018- Appeals Deadline

Grades and Standings  

January 21st 2019 - 4 PM



Fall 2018 - Appeals Deadline

Grades and Standings

 January 25th 2019 - 4 PM


Please note that these dates do not include requests for reassessment or re-grading which must be done within ten working days of receiving the exam or assignment grade. Please also consider that requests for accommodation or alternative arrangements (for a missed exam for example) must be made prior to the exam or due date if possible. Generally speaking, you will be required to provide medical documentation within three working days of the missed exam or test or as soon as reasonably possible if you are in the hospital or incapacitated. If you are not able to contact your instructor yourself within this time period, it is helpful to ask a family member or friend to contact the instructor or Program Director or Chair to explain that you are incapacitated and are not able to contact anyone yourself. As soon as you are able to communicate you should contact your instructors and your academic advisor in your Program or Department.

Please refer to the Missed Exams webpage

If for some reason beyond your control (for example a medical or family emergency) you are not able to meet a deadline, you should speak to the appropriate person (such as your instructor, Chair or Program Director) as soon as possible. In certain circumstances it may be possible to request an extension or make alternative arrangements. You are likely to be asked to provide written documentation to support your request.

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